Building Resilience with Proactive Apathy [PODCAST]



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Building Resilience with Proactive Apathy

man hiking sunset mountains heavy backpack Proactive Apathy

Today we discuss a number of steps that improve your resilience with proactive apathy and help you adapt to the insane time we are living through. We also discuss my week of YouTube jail for daring to speak the truth on YouTube yesterday.

Join Me Today to Discuss…

  • Why I am actually proud that YouTube took down my video from yesterday
  • What this means for streams for the rest of this week, and the only part that bothers me
  • So what exactly is proactive apathy, in some ways this episode in fact the entire history of TSPC is proactive apathy

13 Steps to build more freedom and resilience into your life, and yes it is really this simple

  1. Grow Your Own Food
  2. Start a side hustle or a business
  3. Learn new skills constantly
  4. Get in good physical condition (focus on diet)
  5. Homeschool (coop, grandparents, etc)
  6. Get out of the lunatic states/cities
  7. Learn the most basic forms of herbal medicine
  8. Build a local network, don’t base it on ideology
  9. Turn off main stream media, all of it
  10. Become a great cook, before you say it isn’t a survival skill, how’d your great grandmaw survive the depression?
  11. Learn to locally hunt, fish, forage
  12. Build wealth and yes this includes bitcoin, especially right now
  13. Practice daily mindfulness (meditation, take a walk, sit in silence, something)

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