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Firearm Maintenance: Prepping Your Firearms



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Firearm maintenance is not something new to firearm owners and if you do want to survive you must ensure that the weapon you are carrying functions perfectly. In times of emergencies your firearm must always be ready for use.

Prepping Your Firearms

When a gun is used, gun powder and other elements can get stuck in different parts of the gun. When these contaminants accumulate, they could prevent the firearm from functioning properly so you have to make sure then that you clean it right after use or do a regular cleaning when you don't use it that often.

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5 Easy Steps to Clean a Firearm

Mechanical devices demand regular and proper maintenance.  This certainly includes all firearms which do require a good cleaning and lubrication after use to keep their operational performance at a peak for a survival scenario.

Generally though, regular maintenance does not imply that a firearm needs to be disassembled to the last screw and spring in order to clean it.  Any firearm can get a basic fundamental cleaning in five quick steps.

1. Unload and Remove Bolt

Before cleaning any gun, open the action to make sure it is unloaded, and then read the owner’s manual for specific gun model instructions.  Remove clips or magazines.  Take out the bolt in a rifle, or lock open the action of a semi-auto rifle, shotgun, or pistol.  Brush with solvent, clean, dry off, and lightly lube the bolt.  Make sure you brush the extractor and/or ejector as well…


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Just like a car's engine, guns are made of metals with a lot of different movable parts and mechanisms so to ensure optimum performance you must also know how to lubricate them regularly. Keep in mind that a gun will not work properly when some parts get stuck; something that you never want to happen. Aside from that, you also make sure your weapon is free from any damage before use as it can pose a real danger to you when it malfunctions. If it does have damage, be sure to have it checked by a gunsmith if it can be fixed or not.

When things go wrong your bug out bag or food cache filled with essentials for survival is not all that needs to be prepared. If you choose to protect yourself by carrying with you a firearm you must also have to keep in your BOBs the tools and supplies you need for cleaning your weapon. Remember that in case of emergencies you do not have the luxury of time to clean your firearm so keeping a few important cleaning supplies and tools would be enough.

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