Prepper Movies and Useful Preparedness Hobbies [PODCAST]



For this episode of Survival Preppers, they talk about prepper movies and useful preparedness hobbies.

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Prepper Movies and Useful Preparedness Hobbies

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Today in the show, we will talk about why we enjoy the types of movies we do and some of the small things we can do on a regular basis that can help us become better prepared for these more likely events. It’s easier than ever these days to hop online and buy something you need, but DIY projects and certain hobbies add to your preparedness skill set and teach you the how and why.

There is a lot more to it than the end of the world scenarios and life-changing catastrophes when it comes to preparedness. While these are important to think about, some situations are more likely to affect us before we even get to that point.

Most of these post-apocalyptic movies are fun to watch, but how many prepper lessons can we learn from them? As we go over the pros and cons of “Prepper movies.” We ask the question, Are these movies as realistic as some people claim? Do they help you become better prepared, or are they pure entertainment?

We also cover the question, “Can prepping be a hobby? While it’s essential to enjoy prepping, or you probably won’t be doing it very long, it needs to be taken seriously. Most people think of a hobby as entertainment, but some get extremely good at their hobby of choice.

Finally, in the show, we talked about how different types of SHTF governance would form. While we all have our issues with our current form of government, there is a need for some sort of structure. Otherwise, it becomes pure anarchy.

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