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17 Upcycled Garden Ideas to Decor Your Garden While Saving Mother Earth



House plants grown in recycled mugs, tea cups | 17 Upcycled Garden Ideas to Decor Your Garden While Saving Mother Earth | Featured

Whether you are looking to jazz up the look of your garden or generally declutter your homestead, these upcycled garden ideas will come in handy while inspiring a little imagination to go even further.

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17 Unbeatable Upcycled Garden Ideas Every Gardener Needs to Consider

Real reused, recycled, re-purposed kitchen pot | 17 Upcycled Garden Ideas to Decor Your Garden While Saving Mother Earth

1. Soup Can Planters

Planter for plants made with recycled pallet | upcycling garden ideas water bottles

Stylish planters are undoubtedly expensive to come by. However, you do not have to mess up your finances to get sleek planters while keeping your garden vibrant. Vegetable and soup cans that you would otherwise throw away make unique upcycled garden planters.

Since they are relatively small, consider displaying them on your gardening bench or hang them on your fence, so they are visible. With these upcycled planters, you can get creative by spray painting them in different color themes and hanging them in a catchy way, like in a love shape.

2. Charcoal Grill Planter

Are you planning on upgrading to a bigger and maybe electric grill? Your old charcoal grill will make a unique planter or even herbs. Even better, you treat it as a raised bed for your seedling before transplanting.

That’s not all. This upcycled garden will make your gardening easier as you will not have to bend as much as you would typically do. Fill it with some potting and fertilizer or compost, and you are ready to go.

3. DIY Bicycle Planter

Garden design installation | garden upcycling ideas

Add a retro vibe to your garden with a DIY bicycle planter. All you need are several pieces of metal to supplement the front and back carriers for placing your potted plants, and you are ready to go.

Tip: Ribbons will add a playful touch to the bicycle planter.

4. Old Garden Tools Trellis

Do you have rusted gardening tools like shovels or rakes that do not seem salvageable? No worries because you can upcycle them into garden trellis to support your climbing plants.

All you need to do is nail them together before fixing them to the ground, and you are good to go. Alternatively, you can use these same tools to build a rustic garden gate.

5. Golf Bag Tool Holder

Whether you have a shed or not, neatly organizing and storing your gardening tools makes retrieval easier when you need to use them. And, of course, it help in maintenance and durability, and a golf caddy offers exactly that while making the movement of your gardening tools a lot easier.

6. Wellington Boot Planter

Wellington boot planters on boat | upcycling ideas for the garden

Have your children outgrown their rain boots, and you are not sure what to do with them? One of the many ways to utilize these is to upcycle them into planters. Go with as many colors as you can for a catchy effect and display them on a fence or raised ground.

Tip: You can also do this with shoes that you have outgrown yourself.

7. Watering Bucket Planter

Vintage metal watering can used as a planter | upcycling ideas for your garden

Galvanized mop buckets rust and get burst with time. This, however, doesn’t mean that they are not salvageable. If you are using an old busted mop bucket, cut the whole bottom part off for drainage since it will rust off anyway.

However, if your mop bucket is still intact, drill drainage holes at the bottom before filling it with potting mix and, of course, flowers or herbs.

8. Chandelier Planter Holder

With a few small planters, liquid nails, and spray paint, you can easily turn an old chandelier into a planter holder that will look great on your garden or porch.

Tip: Ensure you have a way to reach this holder when you need to water the plants.

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9. Broken Crockery Mosaic Planter

Who said you have to say goodbye to your favorite mugs and plates just because they are broken or chipped. Hold onto them until you have enough and a large board to create a beautiful mosaic planter for your succulents.

Tip: Succulents can go for a long time without water which means your mosaic planter stays dry most of the time.

10. Broken Guitar Planter

Besides adding personality and style to your living room as a wall hanging, a broken guitar will add a rockstar flair to your garden as a planter. The better if you have a guitar stand, but it will still look cute even if laid flat on the ground.

11. Repurposed Cart or Bench

Garden table, shelf made from recycled wooden | yard and garden upcycling ideas

An old chipped bench or cart will make a great upcycled gardening bench for when you need to work on your flowers or herbs. It is even better when the upcycled bench or cart is several tiers high since you have ample room to hold and store your gardening gear.

12. Pallet Raised Bed

Creative wood herb planter made of wooden pallets | garden furniture ideas upcycling

Instead of letting your pallet boards rot out in the yard, convert them into raised beds for your herbs or leafy greens. Better yet, you can use it for flowers like succulents which require minimum handling if you are not a hands-on gardener.

13. Lampshade Planter Holder

Lampshades can be as beautiful outdoors as they are indoors, even when they are faulty. You only need to remove the shade and base before hanging the frame upside down using a jewelry wire.

Tip: Ensure that the planters you have fit perfectly inside the frame.

14. Kettle Planter

Reused planter ideas | upcycling garden ideas

While this is not a new trend, this kettle planter still deserves a slot in this upcycled garden ideas list. With this upcycle hack, you can choose whichever direction you want since a rustic kettle planter will look as great as a glossy ceramic one.

15. Wheelbarrow Planter

New use for an old wheelbarrow | upcycling ideas garden

A wheelbarrow planter will add an edge to your garden, whether it is all rusted or new. Or whether filled with vibrant, lush green vegetables, herbs, or colorful roses or peonies. As far as flexibility goes, you can go with regular steel wheelbarrows or wooden ones.

Tip: You can move this upcycled garden around to accent your yard parties and barbecues

16. Wooden Chair Holder

Hollowed wooden chair outdoors with flowerpot inside | upcycling garden ideas

Every household has a couple of old wobbly wooden chairs lying around, and most preppers' homes are no different. While you could chop these up and dry them in preparedness for power outages, you can opt to make them holders instead by carving out holes on the seat section to hold planters.

17. Toilet Seat Planters

Turning a toilet into planter is quirky | 17 Upcycled Garden Ideas to Decor Your Garden While Saving Mother Earth

Whether you recently finished off the construction of your house or a renovation, your old toilet seats can do more than sit in your shed waiting to break. Depending on what you plan to plant, place it strategically for light before filling it with soil and adding your plants.

Tip: You don't need to drill drainage holes for this one

There you have it fellow preppers. As you can see, the list of upcycled garden ideas you can adopt for your garden is endless whether you are an experienced or novice gardener. It is even better because, with the inspiration from this list, you can come up with more customized upcycled garden ideas depending on the material you have at your disposal.

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