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Prepper Community

We are running out of fingers and toes to count the many emergencies and disasters that have come our way over the last few decades. It’s a matter simply paying attention to understand all the wild things that happen on our world.

Dense population centers have made the effects of these disasters much worse.

Imagine a hurricane washing ashore in the Americas in the 1700’s. The beaches were largely unpopulated and even a Category 6 hurricane would hardly have an affect on humanity.

The difference is the fact that Miami beach has over 90,000 residents and when a hurricane cuts power, water and other resources to that many people it makes a difference.

The Ballad of the Unprepared

Through the hurricanes, wildfires, climate change warnings, tornadoes and political upheaval we are still seeing very little movement when it comes to preparedness.

Preppers are regarded as paranoid hoarders who belong on television to be mocked and mired by those who have not taken the steps to be prepared for threats, they face every year. There is a bit of prepper mocking that has to do with fear.

People see those who are ready, and, in some sense, it makes them angry at themselves for not being ready. So, their ego spouts out hatefully at those who have prepared. This manifests itself in comments like, “Someone is just gonna kill you and take all your stuff,” or, “The government will restore order,” and my personal favorite, “Everyone is gonna die sometime.”

I prefer this definition: A person who advocates and practices preparedness. One ready for anything that might disrupt their daily routine.

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A Prepper’s Sympathy

Sure, its easy to point the fingers now. Its very easy to get in front of a group and turn your nose up at them for not preparing. God knows we have had noses turned up at us for years! Of course, living a more sustainable life, being less dependent on supermarkets and retailers for the things you need has put you in a position of assurance now.

I encourage you to have sympathy for the unprepared. They are going through a radical learning experience. Their perceived American invincibility has been cracked and the reality of their frailty is all around them. Food has been cut off to some extent, income has been cut off to some extent.

For most of us, we found our way into preparedness on our own time based on reading about or living through a disaster. These people are realizing they need to be preppers while in a true SHTF situation.

All preppers can agree that the best outcome is to have as many people prepared for disaster as possible. Correct? So, rather than waste our life energy on attacking and ridiculing those who are going through hard times, the unprepared, (that is their game) we should spend our energy on recruitment. Now is the time for recruitment.

Use your sympathy and your knowledge as a recruitment for the preparedness movement. If we make it to the other end of this thing, we need to be better prepared and that starts with us. There will be rejection and there will be struggled to convert but, hey, we are in a battle for hearts and minds.

What’s a Prepper to Do?

So, here you are. The event has come to pass. We will all likely be trapped in our houses for a month at the least outside of essential travel. What does that mean to you? Are you angry about these restrictions?

There are some golden opportunities laid before you.

Being forced to stay home means that you can take on projects and handle things that your otherwise busy schedule would not allow. If you are ready to feed your family and pay your bills for an extended period, we need to shift the focus from the problems tied to this virus and focus on the benefits of isolation.

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Here are a few ideas for the average prepper to undertake as the isolation goes on and you are looking for things to do.

1. MAX out the garden

All those years you have gardened you have been holding something back for SHTF. You have been saying, “Well, if it every really gets bad I am going to turn this part of the yard into an orchard or a grain field or aquaponics.”

Now is the time to do that garden up to the maximum.

2. Cuddle up with family

We all complain that we work to much and we want more time with family. Now ya got it!

You might even be teaching your child. Don’t look at it as a burden but a blessing. At some point this will all go away, and we will be back to our normal schlepy lives.

3. Organize the pantry

You have a robust food pantry, right? Is it in tip top shape?

Chances are it could use some organization.

4. Meetup with the community

Your true ally will not be a talking head on the radio, television or YouTube. This type of emergency will require local community allies.

Spend this time talking online and getting to know each other even if you cannot meet in person.

5. Help out!

Find out how you can help. What can you do to help those in need.

Can you shop for the elderly? Look into volunteer opportunities.

6. Rate your preps

As this thing goes on you will easily be able to differentiate between preps you really need for this type of crisis and those that aren’t very useful.

This is a great opportunity.

Summing Up

While a good portion of the population is spending their time freaking out about the severity of the situation, you can find solace in the fact that you're fully prepared and don't have to run around like a chicken with their head cut off.

Take this time to get to some of those projects you've been wishing you had the time for. Now is the time to enjoy all the hardwork you've been putting in for years.

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