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A refreshing way of hunting small game can be done using a pistol crossbow. This small weapon guarantees you commendable damage enough to injure or stop any target at half the effort with self-cocking models.

Check out this roundup of the top self-cocking pistol crossbows in the market today.

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The Best Self-Cocking Pistol Crossbow to Invest

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Slingshot and pistol crossbow on wood picnic table | Crossbow pistol

1. SAS Prophecy 80 Pound Self-cocking Pistol Crossbow

The Prophecy 80 Pound Self-Cocking pistol crossbow is based on the Barnett Commando Pistol from the late 80s and early 90s. You can count on its increased reliability since it is an improved version of the older self-cocking pistol crossbows.

An 80-pound draw weight will send the arrow bolt flying at a speed of up to 165fps, which is powerful enough to hit any target. This is the other reason shooters shouldn't mistake the pistol crossbow for a toy besides its easy use.

Besides making the pistol crossbow lightweight and durable, the aluminum stock has a quality wood feel that adds to the crossbow's comfort. You will also appreciate the Cobra limbs that come with the pistol, not to mention the bead foresight and an adjustable rear sight.

Unlike most full-size crossbows, the Prophecy 80-pound pistol crossbow is a break-action, semi-automatic loading crossbow pistol, meaning it can fire many crossbow bolts over a short period. In addition to the pistol crossbow, you also get a string and two end caps.


  • 80-pound draw weight
  • Cobra limb system
  • 6 4/5″ Power Stroke
  • Arrows speeds of up to 165 FPS
  • 7/8″ Picatinny mounting rail

2. Velocity Badger PBX-80 Recurve Pistol

Lightweight pistol crossbows don't get any better than the Velocity Recurve Pistol. It weighs in at less than two pounds making it comfortable and easy to use. This is thanks to its sturdy aluminum construction and fiberglass limbs, which also give the pistol crossbow incredible flexibility, durability, and functionality.

Additionally, the Velocity Recurve Pistol features a self-cocking function that doubles as a safety system for the pistol crossbow. This means that the string alignment on your crossbow pistol will not accidentally release a bolt when the crossbow is cocked.

Lastly, the Velocity Recurve Pistol features a track-style rail for improved accuracy and control. You can also use the Badger Red Dot Sights this pistol crossbow for even better accuracy, but these are not included in the package. As far as the bolts go, the package comes with three 6-5-inch bolts, and the rest have to be purchased separately.


  • 6.8″ power stroke
  • Arrow speeds of up to 195 FPS
  • 1.94 – pounds overall weight
  • 17″ width
  • 19.5″ overall length
  • Red/Green Dot trigger pull
  • Satin black finish

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3. Last Punch Snake Eye Tactical

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As the name suggests, this Last Punch Snake Eye Tactical offers you a tactical advantage in the outdoors with its self-cocking mechanism that utilizes the three metal arrows that come with the pistol crossbow.

Even with a metal body that offers excellent performance and durability, the pistol crossbow's grip and fit are incredibly comfortable, vital for precision shooting. All these are properties to look for in a worthy investment choice.

The fiberglass high-tech prod also adds to the durability of the pistol crossbow, but it mainly offers flexibility for exceptional string alignment for precision. Unlike other pistol crossbows, the Snake Eye Tactical features an automatic safety that engages upon cocking the crossbow.

The cherry on top is the exceptional bolt retention capabilities that make the Snake Eye Tactical a sought-after pistol crossbow by shooters interested in performance and quality.


  • At least  160 Fps arrow speeds
  • 2.1 Lbs overall weight
  • Black metal finish
  • Ambidextrous hand orientation

4. PSE Viper SS

The Viper SS is undoubtedly one of the most renowned recreational crossbows on the market today. Like other pistol crossbows, it is handheld and easy to use. Of course, it is also fun to shoot, mainly because its 50-pound draw-weight rockets bolt to all targets at speeds of up to 215 fps.

What's more, the safety lock that comes integrated into the cocking mechanism acts as a secondary safety for the PSE Viper SS. This complements the primary safety lock that is already installed on the pistol crossbow.

The anti-dry fire trigger is added to the list of outstanding features, which eliminates the need to re-cock the pistol crossbow by preventing any accidental release of bolts. That's not all when it comes to safety. The PSE Viper SS also features a finger guard to guarantee hand safety whenever you are using the pistol crossbow.

Lastly, the PSE Viper SS also comes with a track-style fail for enhanced precision shooting.

Note: It comes with three frenzy bolts


  • 50 Lbs draw weight
  • 1.6 pounds overall Weight
  • Arrow speeds of up to 215 FPS

5. KingsArchery Crossbow Pistol

Self-cocking pistol crossbows have a broad fan base due to their commendable bolt speeds and, of course, lack of manual cocking. Endowed with a self-cocking mechanism, KingsArchery crossbow pistols share these outstanding features, making it a worthwhile investment.

Thanks to its fiberglass construction, the KingsArchery crossbow pistol is light enough for small-statured shooters to handle and shoot without any difficulty. Unlike other pistol crossbows in this list, this one offers 63 PVC and aluminum bolts out of the box, which is enough firepower for any hunting or leisure shooting.

Even as a self-cocking pistol crossbow, it calls for a great deal of energy needed to operate it and should therefore not be allowed to persons under 18 years. Lastly, the KingsArchery comes equipped with an adjustable sight for fast aim or picture acquisition and, of course, high precision to match the lightning-fast bolts.


  • 80 Lbs draw weight
  • 63 aluminum and PVC arrow bolts
  • Fiberglass bow
  • Adjustable sights

Pro Tips

  • Using string wax before the first use and regularly will prevent the strings from fraying up and staying in excellent shooting condition.
  • If you prefer going for a non self-cocking pistol crossbow, a rope cocker will come in handy at helping you cock the pistol.
  • As far as bolts are concerned, aluminum ones will undoubtedly impact your target more than plastic bolts that tend to fly further due to their lightweight.
  • Also, most pistol crossbows don't come with enough bolts, so you have to buy a few more extras

Besides being great alternatives for hunting rifles, pistol crossbows make great practicing gear for beginners looking to smoothen their shooting skills before handling real firearms. What's more, pistol crossbows come in old-fashioned draw pulley models and popular self-cocking brands, which will help you create the necessary muscle memory to handle real rifles.

Here’s an infographic guide. Don’t forget to download, save, or share this handy infographic for reference:

Pistol Crossbow Reviews

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Do you have any experience shooting pistol crossbows? Which tips would you like to share with us? Let us know in the comment section below!

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    I’ve seen these listed and for sale over the counter at various stores and I’ve often wondered how much of a joke these are, if they are really worth effort

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