Community And Neighborhood Prepping Tips For Dealing With Unrest



Community And Neighborhood Prepping Tips For Dealing With Unrest

Problems are coming left and right, and Americans are becoming more and more restless. The best way to beat worries is to be prepared! Check out these neighborhood prepping tips to make sure you're prepared for anything.

Essential Tips for Neighborhood Prepping

I remember back in March of 2020 when America was certain that things could not get any stranger, any crazier or any more dangerous. March was supposed to be a peak emergency for the American people.

After March, there was talk about daily cases of COVID-19 dropping off and people were even considering reopening by the end of April.

Never did Americans expect that the entire nation would be swept up by another rash of police brutality and the riots that followed.

We saw fires, destruction, and mayhem. We watched local government leadership stand idly by as businesses were burnt to the ground and livelihoods were lost.

American’s let out a collective gasp when Antifa threatened to send their “soldiers” to the suburbs. There was real fear in the air and it just doesn’t have to be that way.

Let’s talk about some neighborhood preparedness tips for dealing with unrest.

Start Talking

Preppers often rack their brains about what to do and how to break the ice with neighbors. It’s a concept that shouldn’t be as hard as it seems.

Most people wanna skip the niceties and get the right to handing out guns and setting up a security perimeter.

The truth is you just need to start talking. In my neighborhood, we started a community garden and that gave us plenty to talk about. Introduce neighborhood prepping to them.

You can carry those street conversations into the digital world with the Nextdoor app. This is a social media network for neighbors and has been immensely helpful for us. We can talk about upcoming events, crime, or just interesting things we see in the neighborhood.

Find Allies

As relationships in your community start to form, you will come to understand the people you live around. You will know which neighbors you can probe deeper and which ones you can simply talk about the garden with.

There will be a small percentage of people who do the prepper things or some semblance of them. You can nurture those people and make them allies. These are the people in your community who you reach out to when riots break out in your area.

Find Allies | Community and Neighborhood Prepping Tips for Dealing with Unrest

These are the people that start the snowball of preparedness if things ever get bad.

If you must create a barrier or perimeter around the entrance ways to your perimeter, these are the people you call first. You can also use your allies to help you collect intelligence. It's better to have several pairs of eyes on rapidly evolving situations like civil unrest.

Build Ownership

America has a serious ownership problem. We have watched leaders duck the blame for so many years that it has rubbed off on us. We want to be responsible for our own little plot of land, home, and possessions and damn the rest of it!

Many preppers have taken to the idea of moving far away from everything and disconnecting from the rest of the world. Though it only takes a short bit of chaos for them to realize that we are all connected.

The answer is not to run away from the problems, never has been. Instead, it’s about building ownership for this incredible country. We have inherited a gold mine, a heaven on earth and the best most preppers can do is abandon it.

People Come and Go

Even if you create the framework of an incredibly productive and cohesive community, you must understand that it won’t last forever. People will come and go.

Some people will move, others will die! That is the way of the world. When you settle on a team, some allies or whatever type of community you have, just know it’s all subject to change at a moment's notice.

People Come and Go | Community And Neighborhood Prepping Tips For Dealing With Unrest

For this reason, you should always start by talking and getting to know people. Knowing people is the best part about being in a community, helping each other. The benefits are endless, but you have to fall in love with the process.

Don’t be discouraged, just remember that life goes on and enjoy the people you have now while they are here.

Make a Stand to Protect Your Community

Protecting your community from riots and unrest can be seen as a tactical undertaking where you fell trees, block roadways with cars, set a perimeter, and prepare for the very worst.

It can also be seen through the lens of building a community of people who are rooted in the neighborhood. There has to be ownership in this nation in order for it last. When we abandon our neighbors, our cities, and our problems, well, we invite the fall of empires.

We are facing a perilous time and our greatest resource will not be hot lead or steel. It won’t be our cause, and it won’t be our grievance. The future of this nation rests on the people’s ability to take ownership of this experiment in freedom as a whole.

How is your neighborhood prepping during this time? We'd love to hear from you in the comments section!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on June 12, 2020, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.




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