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15 Most Forgotten Prepper Supplies: Don’t Overlook These



Most Forgotten Prepper Supplies

Preparing for emergencies goes beyond stockpiling the basics; there are often overlooked items that prove crucial during a crisis. This article will highlight the top 15 frequently forgotten prepper supplies essential for any preparedness plan.

Most Forgotten Prepper Supplies 

The top 15 most forgotten prepper supplies are discussed below with explanations.

Hand-Crank Radio

A hand-crank radio is a communication device that doesn't rely on electricity or batteries. By simply turning the hand crank, it generates power to operate, allowing you to listen to emergency broadcasts, weather updates, and important news during power outages or when conventional power sources are unavailable.

This makes it an essential tool for staying informed and connected during crises.


A multi-tool is a compact and versatile device that combines various tools into one. Typically, it includes features like pliers, screwdrivers, knives, saws, and more. Having a multi-tool in your prepper supplies is like carrying an entire toolbox in your pocket.

It enables you to tackle a wide range of tasks, from repairing equipment to building makeshift shelters, making it an indispensable tool for survival.

Mylar Blankets

Mylar blankets, also known as emergency blankets or space blankets, are made from a reflective material called Mylar. Despite their thin and lightweight design, these blankets provide excellent insulation and heat retention.

They are particularly effective at reflecting body heat, keeping you warm in cold environments, or during sudden temperature drops. Mylar blankets are compact and can fit easily in your emergency kit, making them a smart choice for maintaining body heat and preventing hypothermia.

Extra Prescription Medication

If you or any group member relies on prescription medication, it's vital to have an adequate supply in your prepper kit. Access to medical facilities may be limited in emergencies, and pharmacies may be closed or overwhelmed.

Extra prescription medication ensures you won't run out of essential drugs, allowing you to manage chronic conditions and avoid potential health crises.

Heavy-Duty Garbage Bags

Heavy-duty garbage bags are surprisingly versatile and have multiple practical uses in survival scenarios. They can serve as makeshift rain ponchos, emergency shelters, or waterproof containers for storing gear or supplies.

Additionally, they are handy for disposing of waste, ensuring proper sanitation, and keeping your surroundings clean, which is crucial for maintaining overall health and hygiene in emergencies.

Personal Hygiene Items

Maintaining personal hygiene can be challenging in high-stress situations but is essential to prevent illnesses and sustain well-being. Include personal hygiene items like soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, feminine hygiene products, hand sanitizer, wet wipes, and basic hygiene supplies in your prepper kit.

These items will help you stay clean and refreshed even when access to running water is limited.

Safety Whistle

A safety whistle is a small, lightweight device that emits a loud, piercing sound when blown into. It is an essential prepper supply that is often overlooked but critical in emergencies.

Here are a few reasons why a safety whistle is important:

Signaling for Help: In emergencies where visibility or communication devices are unavailable, a safety whistle can signal for help.

The loud sound carries long distances, increasing your chances of being heard by rescuers or nearby individuals.

Locating Others: If you're separated from your group during an outdoor adventure or in a disaster scenario, a safety whistle can help you reunite. By blowing the whistle at regular intervals, you can attract the attention of your companions and guide them toward your location.

Alerting Others to Danger: A safety whistle can serve as a warning signal in situations where immediate danger is present, such as encountering wild animals or potential threats. The loud noise can startle or scare off animals, potentially deter human attackers.

Plastic Sheeting

Plastic sheeting is a commonly forgotten prepper supply that serves multiple purposes in emergency situations. It is a versatile and lightweight material that can be incredibly useful.

Here are some details on its uses:

Shelter and Protection: Plastic sheeting can create temporary shelters or cover damaged structures. You can shield yourself from rain, wind, and other harsh weather conditions by hanging or securing it with ropes or tapes.

Waterproofing: Plastic sheeting can create waterproof barriers to protect important items or supplies from moisture. It can be wrapped around sensitive equipment, food supplies, or clothing to keep them dry and protected.

Ground Cover: When camping or in emergencies, plastic sheeting can be a barrier between you and the ground. By laying it down, you can create a waterproof and insulated surface to sleep on, helping to keep you warm and dry.

Plant Protection: In a survival scenario or for long-term preparedness, plastic sheeting can be used to cover gardens or crops. It acts as a protective shield against frost, heavy rain, or pests, extending the growing season and preserving your food supply.

Privacy and Concealment: Plastic sheeting can create makeshift curtains or dividers to provide privacy in temporary shelters or during outdoor situations. It helps make sense of personal space and can be beneficial in maintaining a level of comfort.

Water Filtration Straw

Clean and safe drinking water is a priority in any emergency preparedness plan. A water filtration straw is a compact and portable device that allows you to drink water directly from natural sources like streams or rivers.

It filters out harmful bacteria and contaminants, making the water safe for consumption. This straw is a convenient and reliable solution for obtaining potable water when carrying large amounts is impractical.

Maps and Compass

In the age of GPS and smartphone navigation, it's easy to forget the importance of traditional navigational tools. However, in emergencies where technology fails or batteries die, having physical maps of your area and a reliable compass becomes critical for navigation.

These tools help you find your way and avoid getting lost, which is especially crucial when navigating unfamiliar terrain.

Durable Gloves

Durable gloves are an often-forgotten but crucial prepper supply. These gloves provide protection and functionality in emergencies.

Here's why they are essential:

Hand Protection: Durable gloves shield your hands from cuts, abrasions, and punctures. You may encounter debris, broken glass, or sharp objects in emergencies. Gloves act as a barrier, reducing the risk of injuries and preventing contamination.

Hygiene and Sanitation: During a crisis, maintaining good hygiene is crucial. Durable gloves help you handle potentially hazardous materials, such as contaminated surfaces or waste, while minimizing the risk of infection or disease transmission.

Outdoor Survival: Whether building a shelter, gathering firewood, or foraging for food, durable gloves provide grip, insulation, and protection from environmental elements.

They shield your hands from extreme temperatures, rough surfaces, and poisonous plants.

First Aid and Medical Care: In medical emergencies, gloves are essential for safe and hygienic care. They protect both the patient and the caregiver from cross-contamination and potential infections.

Solar-Powered Lantern

A solar-powered lantern is a sustainable lighting option that harnesses solar energy during the day and converts it into light at night. This eliminates the need for batteries or fuel, making it an eco-friendly and cost-effective lighting solution during prolonged emergencies.

A reliable light source enhances safety and visibility, especially during nighttime activities or when power is unavailable.

Dust Masks

Dust masks, or particulate respirators, protect your respiratory system from airborne particles and contaminants. In situations with dust, smoke, debris, or airborne pathogens, wearing a dust mask guards your lungs and improves breathing.

It helps reduce the risk of respiratory infections or ailments, making it vital for your overall health and well-being in emergencies.

Cash in Small Denominations

While digital transactions are prevalent in modern society, having money in small denominations becomes invaluable during emergencies. When electronic payment systems are down or unavailable, the physical currency remains universally accepted for purchasing essential supplies or services from local vendors.

Keeping a stash of cash in smaller bills allows you to make exact purchases and avoid potential difficulties with change during crises.

Entertainment Items

Mental well-being is just as crucial as physical preparedness during emergencies. Including items like books, playing cards, puzzles, or other forms of entertainment in your prepper supplies helps alleviate stress and boredom.

Engaging in leisure activities and distractions can positively impact morale and mental health, contributing to a more positive and resilient mindset in challenging times.

In conclusion, being well-prepared for emergencies involves thinking beyond the obvious and considering the often-forgotten prepper supplies that can make a significant difference in your ability to survive and thrive during crises.

Each of these essentials serves a specific purpose, and when combined, they create a comprehensive and reliable preparedness plan.

Remember to periodically review and update your prepper supplies, ensuring they remain in good condition and ready to use when needed. Stay proactive, and stay prepared!s

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