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A Full Month Of Protests, What’s Next For America?



A Full Month of Protests

We are going to see a full month of protests in this nation. Within these we have seen massive riots, cities burnt, monuments toppled and now, we are facing a situation where even an American city has had six city blocks occupied by a confusing, yet radical presence.

What Comes Next After a Month of Protests

There are some great ideas wrapped up in all of this. Dangerous no-knock operations conducted by police are an affront to our rights as Americans. I am personally happy to see that this will be something that dies due to all this mess we are in.

Americans can feel the good in this movement, but they are also afraid because they know that without the police, National Guard, or any kind of law and order, things can get out of hand, fast. The fringes also make the American people nervous. In any movement like this, there are people who want to do real harm, physical harm.

The question the average American wants to be answered is: What happens next?

The Police

The Police  | A Full Month of Protests

Sweeping police reform will hit the nation. The bill proposed by democrats will not pass in its entirety but much of it will and policing in America will change drastically. If this law passes, our police officers will be at a greater risk than ever before.

  • It will be easier to prosecute police for doing their job as the bar of qualified immunity will be lowered.
  • It will allow an independent investigation of the police for “pattern and practice.”
  • Heightened training on racial bias
  • The creation of a National Police Misconduct Registry
  • Excessive and use of force reformation

It's not all bad but the bad parts are going to cripple police, devastate recruitment efforts, and give bad lawyers all the firepower they need to make the police the bad guy.

The Cities

Despite the nationwide movement to end police violence against African Americans, there has still been violence against African Americans. Shootings and stabbings and crime, in general, have not taken a break.

As police departments are defunded and new legislation comes online, some cities are going to fall into a crime wave. The summer will likely be a bloody one. There are examples, like Camden, where defunding and rehiring the police made a big difference.

Let's hope we get this lucky in other cities around the nation, but the likely scenario is that criminals will take advantage of weak leadership and fresh cops struggling with new rules and oversight.

Beyond this struggle to maintain law and order, states will also be starting up school again and dealing with the realities of COVID-19, which have been put on the back burners, for now. Many states are already seeing spikes in infection rates across the nation.

The Election

The Election | A Full Month of Protests

Of course, the defunding and shakeup of the police will make for a rocky summer and that will lead right into the elections in Fall. I find it extremely hard to believe that we won’t see a new set of protests in this nation before, during, and after elections. I must imagine that any outcome that involves Donald Trump being reelected will also result in a radical outcry and civil unrest.

The Future of America

The Future of America | A Full Month of Protests

Many believe that after a month of protests (and possibly more), we are in the last days of this great nation. They believe that this is the fall of our empire. We are early on to make predictions like that. America has faced many struggles in its short history.

However, we are also facing a time of cultural revolution, radical political upheaval, and a pandemic on top of that. The first thing we must do is restore law and order to our nation. We must get the entire body of police of trial for the disparaging acts of a minority of police officers.

If we cannot achieve this, then, it seems, any group emboldened enough will run rough shot over our cities. Because firearms, gun culture, and gun owners have been so vilified, I fear the militias of this nation are already beat.

Of course, the worst-case scenario would be to see the protests and riots get so big and so problematic that the average American considers taking the law into their own hands. The cities, while allowing the protests, have a window to work in before this all gets out of hand.

Be Prepared More Than Ever

There has never been a better time to get started prepping or to take your preparedness to the next level. It’s clear that there is a level of independence and survival that we all must take ownership of. The police and national guard have been told to stand down in many places.

Property is still being damaged, but the mob has rules on which property is worthy of damage. How far does something like that go?

As far as you are concerned, we are headed for some dark water, rough dark water. Now is the time to stockpile food as the potential for long term chaos is upon us.

What do you think about the month of protests and what's next for America? We'd love to hear your opinion in the comments section!

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