10 Life Skills We Should Teach Every Child



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Today's podcast is about the 10 Life Skills that we should teach every child.

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10 Life Skills We Should Teach Every Child

The following are the original show notes from that episode.

Well the truth is these are 10 life skills we should be teaching every child and many adults who never learned. them. I have done shows like this before but I want to come at it from a slightly different angle today. More along the lines of the process behind the skills. In other words you can teach someone to cook but showing them how a stove and a knife works and giving them recipes.

That is basic technique teaching. Or you can teach the process and theory behind cooking and a person can then create meals on the fly with whatever you give them. Think about how a lot of TV cooking competition shows go today. Okay guys here are jelly beans and fish, make something. Not kidding that is a recent show I saw. Or like on Guy’s Grocery Games, you see something like this “here you get 12 bucks to make dinner”, sounds easy but “you only get to take items from three random isles in the grocery store”.

How can you do this if you always use a recipe when you cook?

If you learn to build things but only by following a blue print and materials list, how can you make up a blue print and materials list for an idea that is for now only in your head?

How can you start from scratch without understanding the underlying process and theory behind a skill?

The answer is you can’t.

Today we look at changing that.

We consider some of the possible financial upside as well.

Join Me Today to Discuss…

  • Understanding what to do is not the same as understanding why it is done a certain way
  • The Ten Life Skills
    1. Meat Cutting
    2. Carpentry
    3. Animal Husbandry
    4. Cooking
    5. Accounting and Bookkeeping
    6. Mental Simulation of an Event (job interview, asking for a date, etc.)
    7. Logical Analysis of a Claim
    8. Presentation and Teaching Skills
    9. Troubleshooting
    10. Maps and Navigation Skills
  • Final Thoughts – Do you really have all these skills yourself, do you want them.
  • Understanding procedures makes you competent, understanding theory makes you fearless and valuable

Do you really have all these skills yourself? Do you want them. Let us know in the comments section below what other life skills you think kids should learn early in life.

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