Essential Survival Tips From A Hurricane Irma Survivor



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Hurricane Irma devastated the western part of Florida in 2017 and destroyed thousands of homes in the process. Survivors quickly learned from this disaster and prepared themselves for the worst as the fear of it happening again went into their heads.

Here are some tips and lessons from Hurrican Irma survivors that everyone should take note of.

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Surefire Survival Tips from a Hurricane Irma Survivor

1. Anticipate Physical Stress

Tired fatigued business woman office worker | Essential Survival Tips From A Hurricane Irma Survivor

Part of hurricane preparedness entails anticipating high levels of physical stress. According to a hurricane Irma survivor, sleeping for more than a few hours at night is practically impossible. Let alone eating some of the easiest to consume meals or snacks.

Don't worry about any diet you might have and think more about how you can survive.

2. Ease Mental Stress by Thinking Positive Thoughts

Panic attacks young girl sad fear stressful | Essential Survival Tips From A Hurricane Irma Survivor

Besides physical stress, hurricanes also bring a certain degree of emotional stress whether you are preparing for one, are in the midst of one, or are in the aftermath.

While it's hard to think about positive thoughts, it's the best thing to do so you don't succumb to emotional dispair.

3. Game of Priorities

Shopping during an epidemic | Essential Survival Tips From A Hurricane Irma Survivor

Recognize that when disaster strikes, everything changes into a priorities game. It becomes about evaluating some of the basic things in life to categorize what is more important than the other.

Do not be surprised when it comes down to basic things, such as prioritizing between milk and bread or bread and water.

4. Prepare to Protect Your Property

Teenage son helping his father board up the windows | Essential Survival Tips From A Hurricane Irma Survivor

Hurricanes more often than not translate to chaos and destruction. It, therefore, goes without saying that you should be prepared to protect your property from destruction.

Some hurricane damages might be out of your control, but it will help to fortify your house to minimize property damage.

5. Learn from Past Hurricanes

Key West Florida hurricane Irma | Essential Survival Tips From A Hurricane Irma Survivor

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Taking lessons from previous hurricanes will help you better understand them and even prepare adequately. This is much easier if you have experienced storms firsthand.

However, if you have never been in a hurricane before, reading and getting all the information you can get on previous hurricanes will come in handy. In any case, with storms, hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

Like boot camps, natural disasters, especially hurricanes, will drain out every ounce of your physical and emotional strength. And just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, it drains out some more.

However, with enough preparation and adhering to warnings by the weather department, it can feel like a manageable boot camp.

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6. Some Hurricanes Are Worse than Others

Cement wall destroyed by hurricane Irma | Essential Survival Tips From A Hurricane Irma Survivor

Nature can be unpredictable, even with weather forecasts. Any Hurricane Irma survivor can attest that the particular hurricane was ten times worse than Hurricane Andrew.

It was like Hurricane Andrew on steroids hence the need to always prepare for the worst.

7. Everybody Focuses on Survival

Image of residents evacuating Miami Beach | Essential Survival Tips From A Hurricane Irma Survivor

Anticipating a hurricane or experiencing one teaches you that your body goes into full survival mode. During this time, you realize that survival is much more important to you than other needs at that moment.

Do not be alarmed when you notice yourself drifting into survival mode. It is a normal reaction when you are anticipating a natural disaster.

8. Basic Practices Go a Long Way

Refilling a plastic water bottle from a tap | Essential Survival Tips From A Hurricane Irma Survivor

Most of the incidents that happen during hurricanes can be avoided with some basic effort and preparation. For instance, not waiting for the last minute to get gas or alternating showers with baby wipes are basic things that will make all the difference during a hurricane.

Watch this video by DropForgedSurvival on hurricane survival kit for families | beginners guide 101:

A great part of surviving a hurricane largely depends on your preparedness at physical, mental, and emotional levels. Lucky for you, you now have first-hand tips from a hurricane Irma survivor to help you prepare and act accordingly during hurricanes. With all said and done, prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

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Have you survived a hurricane before? What tips would you like to share? Let us know in the comment section below!

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