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Hunting Stereotypes | The Irritatingly Hilarious Side Of Hunting

There will always be episodes that you will witness some hunting stereotypes as you spend time in the woods. These scenarios may leave some hunters annoyed or roll in the grass while laughing out loud. We all know that hunting is a serious matter especially when SHTF but it wouldn’t hurt if we add some humor to lighten things up. Check out this video and bust a gut with your hunting buddies!



We've all come across certain hunting stereotypes… in fact, if we're honest, a few of them probably apply to us! The old adage “different strokes for different folks” certainly applies to hunting. Every hunter has their own approach when it comes to catching their favorite game. If that practice might work for you or convenient for you, it might be bothersome for other hunters or vice versa. Some use peculiar hunting procedures that we might find hilarious but for them, it is a normal thing. Scroll down and check out the zany hunting stereotypes that you might be also guilty of doing.

Laugh Hard Or Get Mad With These Hunting Stereotypes

Some hunters have an outlandish method every time they're out in the woods and trying to catch their favorite game. We just can't help but laugh whether they're doing it on purpose and making a buffoon out of themselves or they are just used to that practice. But whatever the reasons are, it can be outrageously funny or obnoxious. They are so common in hunting that we gave names to each type of hunter that we encounter in the field. Below is a hilarious video that pokes fun at hunting stereotypes like “The Field Announcer,” “Decoy Overload,” and “The Blind Nappers.” But first, take a peek at some of the types of hunter that will surely drive you nuts!

The Noisy Ted

The Noisy Ted | Hunting Stereotypes | The Irritatingly Hilarious Side Of Hunting

Ever had a hunting buddy that doesn't know the word “silence”? Picture this, you're sitting and waiting patiently behind your blinds then suddenly your friend come rushing in with complete disregard of quietude and soundlessness thus scaring the suspicious game away. Another missed opportunity courtesy of Noisy Ted!

The Buy It All Bob

The Buy It All Bob | Hunting Stereotypes | The Irritatingly Hilarious Side Of Hunting

You can see these type of hunters especially newbies that have money burn in every Bass Pro shops and whatnot. You'll even see more of them once hunting season is on probably trying to impress someone or just a Mr. Know-it-all with no actual hunting experience or whatsoever but the stash of cash is higher that Shaq! Speaking of Buy-It-All Bob, I'm fairly certain he'd have his hands on this spectacular 13-in-1 Multitool. Get one right here. 

Decoy Overload

Decoy Overload | Hunting Stereotypes | The Irritatingly Hilarious Side Of Hunting

These are the type of hunters that bought every decoy they can lay their hands upon and placed them in one location. It is always never enough decoys for them to the extent that there's no more space for the real thing. And even if it attracts some ducks or deer, it would be difficult to tell which is real and which one is not. A great amount of effort with minimum to zero chances of success.

The Blind Nappers

The Blind Nappers | Hunting Stereotypes | The Irritatingly Hilarious Side Of Hunting

If you could read the mind of a deer after seeing these hunters snoring their butts off, it will straightforwardly say “these guys are nincompoops!” As these so-called devoted hunters are carefully scouting the fields of La-la Land, Bambi, and his friends are graciously dancing in front of them without them noticing. But who could blame them? Waiting took all their energy and sends them away in a trance.

The Snack Master

The Snack Master | Hunting Stereotypes | The Irritatingly Hilarious Side Of Hunting

If I'm going to choose a type of hunter that I want to be with, this is on top my list. This type of hunter has a lot of food inside his backpack. He probably carries everything but the kitchen sink. He got several types of snacks that you will start to think that you're in a picnic party and not after some big game. But then again, I'll pick this type of hunter over any type anytime.

Do any of these hunting stereotypes describe you or your friends? Check out the video below to find out, and be sure to share with your hunting buddies!

Every hunter just like everyone else on this planet has their own way of doing things. It may be odd or absurd to some but there are people that recognize it as normal. These hunting stereotypes are certainly viewed as a parody but you can surely encounter these types of hunters or these cliche-ridden hunting scenarios one way or another. And there's nothing you can do but laugh or get irritated. I'd rather choose the first. Penny for your thoughts? Tell us what you think about this article by dropping your two cents in the comments below.

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