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How To Survive A Komodo Dragon Attack



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Knowing how to survive a Komodo dragon attack can help save your life. But encountering these dragons can be terrifying. They are the world's most giant, potent, and dangerous lizards. Read on to learn how to survive a Komodo dragon attack.

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How to Survive a Komodo Dragon Attack: Your Ultimate Survival Guide

The Komodo Dragon Raised the Head | How to Survive a Komodo Dragon Attack

What Are Komodo Dragons?

The Komodo Dragon Stands on its Hind Legs | How to Survive a Komodo Dragon Attack

Komodo dragons are a type of lizard that have solid muscles and shark-like teeth. They are the heaviest and most giant lizards on Earth.

Adult Komodo dragons can weigh more than humans, as they can tip the scale around 150 to 200 pounds. They can also be longer than an average person, as a male Komodo dragon can stand 8.5 feet tall!

You may find Komodo dragons in Indonesia. They live on five islands in the southeastern part of the country:

Komodo dragons are now listed as endangered since only less than 1,400 adult dragons remain in the world.

How to Survive a Komodo Dragon Attack?

1. Join a Group

Tourists in Komodo National Park on Rinca Island | How to Survive a Komodo Dragon Attack

When a Komodo dragon hunts, it looks for an easy target–one that is alone. So when you go on a tour to see these heavy lizards, be sure to stay with other individuals or with your group all the time.

If you plan to go to Komodo National Park, you may request a park ranger or join a group tour.

Remember–the more in your group, the lesser the dangers of a Komodo dragon attack.

2. Stay On the Designated Path

The Path and the Tourists at the Entrance to Komodo National Park | How to Survive a Komodo Dragon Attack

Stay on the park's designated walking paths. Official trekking areas tend to have high foot traffic, which Komodo dragons avoid.

Staying along the trekking path puts you in a safer place.

Also, people can help you in case of a Komodo dragon attack since you are with park rangers and other tourists.

Keep in mind that these creatures hide in bushes. If you are in a dangerous area and do not notice them, they will likely attack you.

3. Keep Safe Distance

 A Man Stands with a Group of People | How to Survive a Komodo Dragon Attack

Being too close to Komodo dragons will make them feel intimidated and frightened. In effect, they might strike you. So keep your distance, and do not even attempt to go near them.

You may view the Komodo dragons from afar. But keep a respectful distance and avoid getting their attention.

4. Avoid Making Sudden Movements

Komodo Dragons in Indonesia | How to Survive a Komodo Dragon Attack

Even if you are far from the Komodo dragons, move deliberately, steadily, and slowly.

Quick movements can disturb Komodo dragons and stimulate a response from them.

Noises and actions can make them defensive and trigger their hunting instincts. So try to be still or take calculated footsteps if you do not wish to ignite an attack.

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5. Do Not Attract Attention to Yourself

Woman Posing with Gigantic Venomous Komodo Dragon | How to Survive a Komodo Dragon Attack

Did you know that Komodo dragons have a strong sense of smell? So avoid wearing intense perfumes when visiting these mighty lizards. Do not even attempt to put a cologne in your bag.

Furthermore, prevent yourself from getting injuries, as the Komodo dragons can smell blood.

The smell of blood triggers them to attack and think it comes from a potential victim. So if you have open wounds or a period, avoid going near the dragons.

6. Do a Zig-Zag Run

The Komodo Dragon Runs Along the Ground | How to Survive a Komodo Dragon Attack

If an aggressive dragon runs after you, do your best to outrun it.

Komodo dragons can run up to 13 miles per hour. Yes, that is a bit fast. But the good news is that they cannot run that fast for long.

So the key to surviving a Komodo dragon attack is to keep running. If you cannot run fast, do not worry! The dragon might get close to you, but you can still outrun it if you give everything you've got.

Komodo dragons only run in a straight pattern. Changing directions is challenging for them. Doing a zig-zag run back and forth will make it hard for them to chase you and stop them.

7. Climb the Stairs

Multigeneration Family Climbing Outdoor Wooden Platform | How to Survive a Komodo Dragon Attack

If you see huts or stilt houses with stairs, use the stairs and remain there until the dragons pass by. Komodo dragons do not know how to walk up the stairs, so you are safe if you stay on a higher floor.

But, do not try to get away by climbing a tree. Young Komodo dragons live in trees to keep themselves safe from predators. So you may survive an attack from an adult dragon, but you might get in trouble with a baby Komodo by staying up in a tree.

8. Beat It Off

Komodo Dragons and Ranger of Komodo National Park | How to Survive a Komodo Dragon Attack

If a Komodo dragon attacks you, use your force to fight it off.

But, its scales are armor-like, so it might not feel anything if you punch or hit its body. So use a rock or a tree branch instead to ward it off. Target its mouth, eyes, or nostrils, especially if you notice that it is about to bite you.

9. Seek Immediate Medical Attention

First Aid Doctor Is Treating a Patient | How to Survive a Komodo Dragon Attack

If a Komodo bites you, calling for help must be your number one priority. It does not matter if the bite is big or small. As Komodo dragons have venomous and fatal bites, do not waste your time.

Komodo dragon bites can lead to blood thinning and poisoning, making you bleed for one to two days. So the sooner you get medical attention, the higher your chances of survival.

Check out this video by Komodo Labok to see how a Komodo dragon hunts a buffalo:

Since 1974, more than 30 people deaths due to Komodo dragons in Komodo National Park, five fatal. So if you are planning to see these deadly lizards, follow these tips to stay safe and survive.

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Do you have any other survival tips for surviving a Komodo dragon attack? How do you avoid it in the first place? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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    April 25, 2022 at 11:58 AM

    One extremely important fact that this article omitted is that you can die even if the Komodo Dragon does not bite you. The reason is that contact with its saliva exposes you to thousands of pathogenic microorganisms. Many of them we don’t even have a name for, let alone a cure.

  2. ee

    April 25, 2022 at 12:55 PM

    i thought the article as interesting until i got to point #7. “climb the stairs”, really?! the article then goes on to mention that young komodos can climb trees. if that’s the case, how does climbing stairs keep you safe? to me, it is FAR EASIER to climb stairs than it is to climb a tree. so if young komodos can climb trees, it stands to reason that you are in big trouble if you think stairs will keep you safe.


    October 16, 2022 at 9:43 PM

    The odds that an AMERICAN will ever be attacked by a Komodo dragon are probably about 1,000,000,000,000 -1.
    Hardly any American has ever seen one. Let alone knows where the Island of Komodo is at.
    This blog normally has realistic articles to read. No w I’m beginning to believe that it believes that N. Korea has the ability to nuke Chicago

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