Getting The Family Back To Home Base



Getting the Family Back to Home Base

In these chaotic times, you must have a plan to get the family back to home base. Check out the tips below on how to do that.

The Goal:  The Family Back to Home Base

We haven’t seen a day where something crazy didn’t happen during the day or at night in about a month. The nation is getting used to chaos kicking off each day in one region or another.

That is a very dangerous thing to get used to. If things like this are allowed to continue, then the frequency and severity of these things are going to increase.

The scary thing about this moment in time is, I don’t know who is going to stop it. If not the police than who is going to be around to stop protestors from pulling down more memorials or burning down entire museums?

If you are at work and the kids are at school, how do you get them back together? What if communications are down and you cannot reach your loved ones by cellphone? Do you have a means of doing this?

At this moment in time, you need to have a plan to get everyone back to home base as the chaos ensues.

1. Determining Distance and Capability

Each person in your home has a varied distance they must travel to get home. If you have two kids who go to different schools one is going to be closer than the other.

Each person in your home is going to have a varied capability to get home. Your 16-year-old will walk miles to get home and do so without issue while your 8-year-old might struggle to do so.

Look at each member of your home and determine their ability to get home in a disaster. This will help you prioritize who you might need to get to first. Maybe your spouse works from home or close by. They might have no problem getting home.

2. The Rally Point

The Rally Point | Getting The Family Back To Home Base

If you live rurally or everyone is far from home, you might be better to identify a rallying point. This will be a location that everyone in the family can meet before heading home. A good rally point will be an area that is about the same distance from everyone.

If you have a young child in the family, the rally point might be the preschool or primary that they attend. This way, they do not have to travel because they will be unable to meet at a rallying point. However, your wife and your older children may have no problem getting there.

3. Alternate Communications

When we get into communications talk with preppers and survivalists, it can be a little intimidating. Setting up an alternate means of communication might be as simple as a Facebook message instead of a phone call because the cell service is jammed.

If everyone knows to check MeWe for updates on location and situation, then they can do that on a laptop or phone without trying to make an outgoing call.

This alternate communications method is crucial and should be discussed within the family. Of course, you can go even further and drop a HAM radio in your kid’s backpacks.

You will have to teach them how to use these and be sure they won’t pull them out during school and get in trouble.

4. Returning Home

Returning Home | Getting The Family Back To Home Base

What you can find out about your home before arriving is a big deal. If your home is at the heart of the chaos, it might not be in your best interest to return home. This is an easy thing to do and doesn’t require some intel app on your phone or some satellite imagery.

The reality is, you just need a neighbor that is home and can peek out the window to tell you all is clear or WE LEFT HOURS AGO!

If you cannot return to home base you should have a plan for going somewhere else for a short period or to something like a bugout location.

Family Safety First

I am an optimistic prepper. Truly. I am not a doomer. I root for humanity, for American, and for freedom! However, without police and government intervention, I just don’t know how something like this slows down or stops without any authority in place.

In my humble opinion, I think we stand to see regular people take drastic actions to protect the cities and places they love as well as to protect their homes. This will only end in chaos, but that chaos could envelop you and yours.

If it happens while you are at work and your family is fractured all over the map, you need a plan to get them all back together. There are a number of things you can do to affect that, as you can see.

So do your due diligence and get prepared for the chaos that could ensue in your area.

These are just my recommendations. You can go as deep on this as you like.

Do you already have a home base plan set up? Let us know what are the things you considered in the comments section!

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