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How to Manage Garden Pests



how to manage garden pests

Which Ones to Kill, Which Ones to Keep

When tending your survival garden, no doubt you've come across some uninvited visitors from time to time. It can be frustrating to pour your heart and soul into a garden only to have your plants invaded by unwanted pests.

All gardeners need to know which pests to prevent, and how — as well as which “pests” aren't really pests at all. (That's right — some of these critters are actually useful!)

Our friends at Pioneer Settler recently published this handy infographic to help you better understand the pests in your garden and how to manage them. Here's a preview:

garden pests infographic

Click here for the full infographic.

To see the full article, check out the link below.

Garden Pests and How to Manage Them (Infographic)

Want to know what the common garden pests are and how you can get rid of them? This is the infographic for you! Common Garden Pests and How to Manage Them Living at a homestead makes it a guarantee that you'll encounter more bugs than you probably want to.

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