The Ultimate Intro to Fishing and Lure Making: Part 2



Feature | The Ultimate Intro to Fishing and Lure Making: Part 2

Did you catch the first part of our intro to fishing and lure making yesterday?

If not, check it out here.

Fishing is a vital survival skill. But aside from that, it's just a fun hobby. There's nothing like getting out into nature and enjoying some peace and quiet on the lake — alone or with friends and family.

The Ultimate Intro to Fishing and Lure Making: Part 2

For many, it's a bonding activity. We all have fond memories of our dads or grandpas teaching us how to fish. It's a lot of young people's first introduction to the great outdoors and the beauty of becoming self-sufficient.

Today we continue our introduction to fishing with two more instructional videos. Check out the videos below, and be sure to share your own tips in the comments.

The Ultimate Intro to Fishing and Lure Making: Part 2

In module 1, you'll learn the proper way to add line onto your reel, and the different types of line and reels to use for different fish.

In module 2, you'll learn how to equip your reel with a braided line.


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Our Intro to Fishing series will open your eyes to a new pastime or hobby that you may not have considered before. There are a lot of lessons that preppers like you and me can learn from fishing apart from catching food. The first thing is preparedness, something that you can definitely relate to. Before you can even head out to the lake or sea, there are many things that you have to prepare such as your fishing rod, reel, hook and bait. It would be pointless to go fishing without these essentials, and everything must be in good working order.

Fishing also teaches us that anything can happen and we have no idea at all. You could have a good catch on one day, then absolutely nothing on the next. Patience and persistence are also learned when you go to the water to catch a fish.

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