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Emergency Fire Starting Kit



Build a Fire Anywhere with This Pocket-Sized Kit

Being a survivalist is about planning ahead and using the resources at your disposal efficiently and in a way that will maximize your chances of survival.

Building a fire is an absolutely crucial survival skill, for warmth and light as well as cooking. If you can't build a fire, almost every other survival skill you have is moot. It's something you absolutely need to be able to do.

Of course there are the traditional ways of starting a fire using a match, lighter or flint. There's a reason these are tried-and-true methods; they work really well. But matches get wet, lighters run out and flint isn't always readily available. So then what do you do?

The video below will teach you how to take a few simple supplies and turn them into a handy, pocket-sized fire starting kit you can carry everywhere. This is a foolproof way to start a fire no matter what.

Check out the video below, and be sure to share your own tips in the comments.


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