DIY Slingshot: Make Your Own Skyblaster Slingshot



Have you ever wanted to make your own DIY slingshot?

Today’s tutorial will show you how.

This is like a slingshot on steroids…it can launch up to three water balloons at a time!

The King of Random is one of our favorite YouTube accounts. He teaches you how to make all sorts of gear by hand, and his tutorials are easy to follow and use affordable materials.

Check out his DIY slingshot tutorial below.

DIY Slingshot: Make Your Own Skyblaster Slingshot

1. Start off with 1/2 inch PVC tubing and some sprinkler fittings.

2. Cement the pieces together.

3. Use spray paint or duct tape to give your slingshot a custom look.

4. Use an exercise band to create the sling.

5. Make a launching pouch using duct tape.


For the full tutorial and more detailed instructions on making your DIY slingshot, check out the video below.


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1 Comment

  1. Jake Martinez

    August 18, 2015 at 1:41 AM

    That thing is awesome! I want to add a link to this from my site at this would be perfect and I also want to make one myself lol

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