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10 Deadly Solar Power Weapons



Deadly Solar Power Weapons

When most people think of solar power, they imagine bright sunlight, clean air, and all of those warm, fuzzy feelings you get at the prospect of renewable energy.

Others imagine ways to harness all of that radiating solar power for wreaking havoc and other general destructive purposes.

Obviously, the creators of these weapons fall into the second category. And they went way beyond magnifying glasses and ants.

The massive amount of energy that is produced by the sun can be captured and converted into devastatingly destructive weaponry in surprisingly diverse ways.


1. Greek Heat Ray:


2. Zephyr Drone

Read all about this drone's record-breaking flight abilities here.


3. GREENS – The Army's use of solar for troops on the ground.


4. Death Lasers


5. Space Mirrors


6. Nazi Sun Gun

Read more about the Nazi's proposed strategies to harness the sun to burn entire cities!


7. Cold War Microwave


8. Eric Jacqmain's Solar Death Ray


9. Solex Agitator


10. Solar Landmines and Nukes


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