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Top 5 Tips For Camping With A Large Group



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The more people are camping with you, the greater the responsibility. You’ll need a bigger campground, more food, and more supplies to be able to accommodate everyone. It’s indeed a large feat to organize an outdoor trip for a large group, but with the right techniques, you’ll be able to organize a fun camping experience for each camper!

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Let these Top 5 Tips For Camping With a Large Group

Decide on The Perfect CampgroundBlurred large group of friend, family members enjoy barbecue on lakeside area-Camping With A Large Group

Where you’ll be camping will influence your overall camping experience, especially in terms of comfort. Some important questions you have to ask are “Is your group comprised of experienced campers?” and “Do you have children or seniors with you?”

If not everyone is an experienced camper, choosing a private or public campground with amenities (bathroom, water, and electricity) is ideal.

Make Reservations EarlyA group of young women camping, they sit around the fire-Camping With A Large Group

You don’t want to get everyone excited only to find out that the campground you made reservations at cannot accommodate your whole group. It’s important to do a thorough research of your chosen location and make reservations early. Make sure that you be clear with the number of people camping. Also, familiarize yourself with the campsite rules!

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Choose an Area Packed With ActivitiesLarge group of young joyful friends dancing and having fun on weekend-Camping With A Large Group

A great way to give a great outdoor experience to the entire group is to choose a location that offers plenty of activities such as swimming, hiking, fishing, kayaking, bird watching, etc. It’s also ideal to prepare other sources of entertainment such as building a campfire, playing games, treasure hunts (for kids), and more!

Assign Groupsgroup of happy kids roasting marshmallows on campfire-Camping With A Large Group

Each member of the group must carry the weight of responsibility, like camping and the outdoors take a lot of work, especially if you’re in a large group. You can assign groups for specific tasks such as a setup crew, breakfast crew, dinner crew, fire crew, clean up crew, etc. If your group is smaller, you can make a schedule and take turns doing the tasks.

Prepare a Meal PlanBoodle Fight for Fiesta-Camping With A Large Group

Cooking for a huge crowd is no easy task. It’s ideal to create a meal plan for the whole group for the entire duration of your trip. Go for meals that can be prepared in bulk, such as soups and stews. Buying from the store in bulk would also save you money, so shop wisely before your trip!

Follow these quick tips for camping with a large group and your trip will be a breeze!


Daniel J. Smith is a survival expert. Having lived the outdoor life since he was very young, he loves sharing his expertise about camping, hiking, traveling, RV living, and many more. He has also started his own company called OutBright, which will soon be selling products that cater to campers, hikers, travelers, and all outdoor-loving adventurers.

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