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7 Buck Hunting Knives To Carry With You At All Times

No hunter goes into the woods without their ever-reliable hunting knife. They always carry it with them at all times. Different brands and designs are out there for us to choose from but there is only one name that is trusted and used by veteran hunters and knife enthusiasts. The name is Buck. The knife that always rise to the occasion. So we’ve come up with a list of Buck hunting knives that most American hunters just can’t live without. Check it out!



Buck Hunting Knives | KA-BAR US Marine Corps Fighting Knife

Each and every hunter knows the significance of having a durable and reliable knife. Going out into the wild without a knife feels like going to work without socks. There's plenty of hunting knives that every hunter and knife aficionado can choose from. Different brands brag about how kick-ass their knives are, but there is only one name that truly stands out over the others. The name is Buck. Buck hunting knives use nothing but the best materials and state-of-the-art technology to ensure the highest quality possible. For over 110 years of craftsmanship and expertise, Buck hunting knives have been a staple. It's a proven brand, tested by seasoned hunters.

Before we show you the top 7 Buck hunting knives, first, let's find out why adding a hunting knife to your collection is necessary: 

Practical Ways To Use Hunting Knives

Use 1: Protection in the wild.

If you go hunting, you need a dependable knife to protect yourself against any occasion in the wild and keep you safe from the dangers of the forest. The outdoors are beautiful, but you need protection from the wild animals and creatures that roam the woods.

Use 2: Lay your game to rest.

Yes, sometimes the animal you have just taken down is still alive when you approach it. A strong sharp blade is a necessity to use in this situation. Just do everyone a favor and put the animal out of it's misery. A Buck Diamondback knife is perfect for these occasions.

Use 3: Gutting your game.

Once you have put the little fellow out of his misery, you need a quality knife to gut your animal properly. For great performance when field dressing game, a gut hook is an ideal tool. A Buck fixed or folding blade Alpha Hunter with a gut hook is the perfect knife to have for cleaning your game.

Use 4: Cleaning your fresh fish.

Have you ever tried cleaning a fish with a dull blade or second hand knife? It can be frustrating as well as a complete disaster. You must have an extremely sharp blade to fillet all those fish. Buck uses the finest grade steel in their knives to ensure the blade stays sharper longer. Like the Buck Silver Creek Bait knife which is titanium coated to provide the very best edge retention and sharpness while resisting corrosion..

Use 5: Clear out you camp site.

When you settle down in the thickness of the forest, sometimes there is a need to clear out brush and debris to make your spot more livable. Just pull out your Buck Kalinga Pro and use its 4 7/8′ blade to help clean up. Remember to keep some of your trimmings for the fire later that night.

Use 6: Physical emergency.

Sometimes you need your knife to get yourself out of a hairy situation. When your leg gets caught in the vines of the forest, you need a sharp blade to free yourself. If you have the classic Buck Folding Hunter 110, you just reach in your pocket and cut yourself free.

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How To Select The Best Buck Hunting Knife For Your Needs

Here's some advice from knife expert Jimmy Fuller on what you need to look for when buying a hunting knife:

  • Blade Quality – The indication of a dependable and effective knife lies within the characteristics of the blade. Buck hunting knives encompass highly strong stainless blades that can cut through things such as hardwoods as well as lines. When you are going camping, you ought to assert a knife that is trivial enough to set within your cargo shorts but sharp enough for all-around service.
  • Handle – The knife handle is very important especially when you are out in the woods or handling very tough materials that need slicing. Always go for non-slip handles that will be able to prevent serious injuries such as accidental cuts that would really be inconvenient when you are outside the city.
  • Size – Just because a knife is large, it does not necessarily mean the blade is powerful and useful. Every so often, you will discover that the miniature variety will function better. In any case, you continually have to establish your selection depending on how much cutting, scraping and skinning you will perform.
  • Total Usefulness – For the best flexibility and overall utility, then Buck hunting knives are the finest you can select from to suit this exact desire.
  • Cost Versus Service – A prudent buyer will try for a knife because it has a decent price. The versatility and ability to preform various functions make Buck knives extremely solid purchases.

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7 Buck Hunting Knives Worth Adding To Your Collection

To help you out, we've come up with a list of Buck hunting knives that are popular among hunters. These knives stood the test of time and remained reliable through the course of their hunting:

1. 110 Folding Hunter Knife

110 Folding Hunter Knife | 7 Buck Hunting Knives To Carry With You At All Times

In 1963, Al Buck created a revolutionary lock blade knife for outdoorsmen who wanted to have a sturdy knife but didn't want to carry a long fixed-blade knife. Hence, the birth of the 110 folding hunter knife. This hunting knife comes with 420HC stainless steel, making it resistant to rust and very durable. It has a crescent tip that offers good control for detail work and cutting in tight areas. For over 50 years, it has been one of America's top-selling knives. Definitely a traditional favorite.

2. 102 Buck Woodsman Knife

This classic 102 Woodsman Knife is renowned for its versatility and multiple uses from fishing and small game to carving and chopping. It's a lightweight companion for every hunting and camping trip. With a durable handle and a high carbon blade(420HC), any vigorous task will be easy.

It's as traditional as this Hoffman Richter Wolf Fixed Blade. Get it right here.

3. Folding Omni Hunter 10pt Knife

This awesome hunting knife is crafted with excellent ergonomic styling and workman durability. It has a thumb stud so you can open and close it with one hand easily. It has a 420 HC steel blade with a strong, thick point for those heavier tasks. It's the ideal knife for any condition because it is designed using ETP handles with a rubber over mold. In my opinion, this Buck hunting knife has a perfect size. It's small enough to clean fish, squirrel and the likes, but it's also big and strong enough for dressing a whitetail.

4. Open Season Skinner Knife

Open Season Skinner Knife | 7 Buck Hunting Knives To Carry With You At All Times


This hunting knife is specially designed for skinning game proficiently and thoroughly. Its blade has excellent edge retention capability and is corrosion resistant. It also comes with full tang construction, and this plays a significant part in reducing the chance of the blade separating from the handle. Don't get caught in a predicament where you're skinning your freshly caught game and suddenly the handle starts buckling and separating from the blade. It comes out of the box razor sharp, and it will remain that way for a very long time. The is unquestionably a beautiful knife.

5. Buck Alaskan Guide Series 113 Ranger

The exceptional blade on this knife is crafted from SV30 steel which is composed of metallic powders fused together under extreme pressure, heat tempered and cooled in a cryogenic freezer. It offers the finest combination of edge retention, flexibility and hardness. Plus, its ergonomically designed handle is nothing but beautiful.

6. Buck Ergohunter Pro Knife

The Buck Ergohunter Pro Knife offers hunters comfort and convenience the moment you pick it up from the shop. This also comes with a gut hook ring that allows you to separate organs from the game without slicing into the muscle, and that means  you have a better meat quality. This buck hunting knife is ideal for skinning, boning and caping your game because its ergonomically designed handle allows you to hold it in different angles.

7. Buck 124 Frontiersman Fixed Blade Knife

Buck 124 Frontiersman Fixed Blade Knife | 7 Buck Hunting Knives To Carry With You At All Times A lot of hunters love this hunting knife, including myself. It has a 6.25-inch blade and a satin finish with a Micarta handle, and this type of handle gives hunters an awesome union of durability and convenience. The combination of toughness and simplicity made this knife a hit to hunters and enthusiast alike. You can accomplish any task given that you can handle it well enough. Plus, this trusty blade comes with an aluminum guard that will keep you safe from accidents.

Check out this video and find out how a Buck Folding Hunter Knife is made! 

All Buck hunting knives are masterpieces. They're dependable works of art that revolutionize hunting knives all over the world. Buck's craftmanship is unparalleled and cannot be duplicated. Though just like any other thing in this world that has their own pros and cons, this brand continuously improves their craft to give you a performance that will leave you in awe. Buck is a leader in the industry that understands how important it is to intertwine durability and quality in forming an exceptional hunting companion. The knives are handcrafted to perfection and endure the test of time. The quality of Buck hunting knives is the standard by which knife superiority is measured.

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7 Buck Hunting Knives To Carry With You At All Times

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