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Top 9 Best Survival Axe of 2022



Female strong hands chop firewood with axe for bonfire | Top 9 Best Survival Axe of 2022 | Featured

The best survival axe will do much more for you than just chopping logs to make a fire when outdoors.

This roundup will send you in the right direction if you are looking to add an axe to your survival gear.

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Best Survival Axe | 9 Best Options in the Market

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Various outdoor and survival gear | Top 9 Best Survival Axe of 2022

1. Kershaw Deschutes ”Bearded” Hatchet Camp Axe

The Kershaw Deschutes camp axe is an update to what man has been using to cut, shape, and split wood. Its angular cutouts and handle lines give this survival axe a sleek look without compromising its survival function.

Thanks to its extended bearded design, you can execute tasks without sacrificing the swing needed to split logs. Even with its solid performance, it is lightweight and easy to carry around thanks to its angular cuts.

With all these features, the Kershaw Deschutes is no doubt the best survival axe available for modern campers.

2. Gransfors Bruks Wildlife Hatchet

Next on our best survival axe list is the Gransfors Wildlife Hatchet. It is traditionally designed for camping and scouting. And has a longer handle that naturally lends the axe more power especially when you need to fell trees.

Its small size makes it ideal for carrying in your bug-out bag. And is powerful enough for splitting small logs and lopping off large branches for your campfire.

What’s more, it comes with a sheath that covers the axe’s edge preventing it from cutting into your bug-out bag.

3. Estwing Sportsman’s Axe

The best survival axe doesn’t get better than this piece by Estwing Sportsman. It features a one-piece forged head and handle with a hand-polished finish.

As a classic axe, it offers unmatched power and balance thanks to a genuine leather handle. The handle is also lacquered and sanded for a lasting yet comfortable feel.

The Sportsman’s axe also features a rugged nylon sheath with a belt loop to prevent the axe from cutting. It also keeps your axe at an arm’s reach.

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Lastly, its 3 ¼ – inch cutting edge guarantees easy cutting. This makes it a must-have for outdoorsmen and campers.

4. Schrade SCAXE2 Axe

The versatility of the Schrade Survival Hatchet makes it the best survival axe in the market. It features a titanium-coated head with an integrated hammer pommel.

Its black fiber-filled handle comes with an ergonomic rubber grip. And an extra-large Ferro rod with a lanyard, not to mention a thermoplastic belt sheath.

These features promise reliability by ensuring you have everything you need to start a fire at hand. As far as functionality goes, the axe head is purposely shaped for adequate contact. This means that you can get a lot done without overworking.

Lastly, the unit’s thermoplastic rubber handle fits in your hand comfortably to ensure a solid and balanced grip.

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5. Spyderco Genzow Hatchethawk

Are versatility and high performance your idea of the best survival axe? Then you cannot go wrong with the Spyderco Genzow Hatchethawk.

It is the perfect blend of all the likable features of a bearded axe, the tomahawk, and the Francesca Frankish axe. The unit’s raised toe, bearded profile, and canted edge offer a working edge that is suited for cutting and chopping chores.

On the other hand, the hammer poll excels at anything that requires focused impact rather than a sharp edge. It also helps generate exceptional balance to maximize the tool’s power.

When not in use, a snap-fastened leather sheath protects you and the HatchetHawk while a loop on the sheath makes a convenient belt carry.

6. Fiskars X7 Hatchet

The best survival axe should be easy to carry around and that is what you get with the X7 Hatchet by Fiskars. It is a perfect choice for outdoor enthusiasts and hikers since it effectively chops small- to medium-sized kindling and logs.

The X7 combines exceptional blade geometry, weight distribution, and an ultra-sharp cutting edge. All in an unbreakable design to maximize performance outdoors.

As a result, the axe blade bites deeper with each swing, allowing you to chop more wood in half the time and with less hand strain and effort. A superior blade design also guarantees cleaner cuts and stays sharper for longer.

7. Gerber Gear Camping Axe

Like the best survival axe you can ever get, the Gerber Gear Camping axe delivers a commendable amount of power. The unit’s exaggerated finger grooves and rubber molded handle offer incredible edge control.

A full tang construction promises power in every swing and steadiness at hand. As far as transport goes, the unit comes with a mountable nylon sheath.

These features paired with portable and versatile size and shape make this survival axe is ideal for campers, outdoor enthusiasts, and survivalists.

8. SOG Survival Hawk

Nothing beats a survival axe that is lightweight and versatile to perform a wide variety of activities. Besides prying, digging, hammering, and chopping, you can also start a fire thanks to a built-in Ferrocerium.

Here’s an infographic guide that you can use. Feel free to download, save and share it with your loved ones:

You can use this survival axe at home or you can stow it in the belt-loop sheath it comes with to use on outdoor trails and camps for survival. What’s more, it also makes a commendable throwing tactical Axe.

9. Snow & Nealley Outdoorsman’s Belt Axe

With the Snow and Nealley Outdoorsman’s Belt hatchet, you can bet that you are getting the best survival axe in the market. Its renowned reputation guarantees that the axe will be durable enough for you to pass it down to your next generation.

Its lightweight design suits outdoor enthusiasts especially for camping, hiking, and trapping. Its 15-inch American hickory handle is extremely comfortable, making it an excellent starter axe for newbies.

Like others on the list, it also comes with a genuine leather blade guard for your safety.

There you go preppers. As you can see, there is a shortage of survival axes in the market today. This means that there is something to meet every preference and budget. Luckily, most of these survival axes come with additional features all of which come in handy when you are outdoors.

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