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Survival Machete | Top 10 Best Machetes for Survival



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A survival machete is a versatile and robust cutting tool designed to aid individuals in wilderness and survival scenarios. It typically features a long, sharp blade with a slight curve, resembling a large knife or a small sword. The blade is made from durable materials such as high-carbon stainless steel, making it strong and corrosion-resistant.

Essential Uses of Survival Machete

Survival machetes are specifically crafted to handle various tasks essential for survival in the wild. Some common uses of a survival machete include:

Cutting Vegetation: The sharp blade efficiently cuts through dense vegetation, allowing you to clear paths, build shelters, and gather materials for fires.

Shelter Building: A survival machete assists in cutting branches and materials needed to construct shelters, providing protection from the elements.

Firewood Preparation: The machete is useful for cutting and splitting firewood, which is crucial for keeping warm and cooking food.

Food Preparation: It can process games, fish, and plants for consumption.

Self-Defense: In emergencies, a survival machete can be used to defend against potential threats or predators.

Signaling and Marking: The reflective blade can be used as a signaling device to attract attention in rescue situations. Additionally, the machete can mark trails or leave directional signs.

Due to its versatility and multi-functional nature, a survival machete is indispensable for hikers, campers, survivalists, and anyone venturing into remote or challenging environments. However, like any tool, proper training and responsible use are essential to ensure its safe and effective utilization. Always exercise caution and follow safety guidelines when handling a survival machete in the wilderness.

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The Best Survival Machetes Ideas

Are you looking for the ultimate survival tool? A survival machete might be the one you need.

You can use them as a weapon, a trusty knife to help you weave through the jungle, or a tool to use for your food. Read on the see the best survival machetes you'll need for your outdoor adventure.

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1. Tramontina Bolo Machete


The Tramontina Bolo is one of the most simple ones on the list. It has a sturdy wooden grip that promises to last for a very long time.

This survival machete is also one of the lightest ones on the list as it weighs just 0.2 kilograms and has a blade length of 19 inches.

2. Estwing Machete


The Estwing Machete has a 12-inch blade and is made of forged steel making it very durable and could last a lifetime. To top it off, it is powder coated adding to its durability, promising precise and powerful cuts.

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It has a patented shock reduction grip made of rubber that could reduce the vibration of a hit to up to 70%.

What's more, the backside of the blade has a tooth saw to help you cut through wood, shrubs, and branches when you're finding your way through the woods and butcher wild game.

3. Tops Knives El Chete Machete


The Tops Knives El Chete Machete weighs around 1.4 kg and has a blade length of 12 inches. Its 1095HC steel blade has a unique camo design for an easier kill when out hunting.

Lastly, it has a full-extended tang making its grip easier to handle.

4. Kershaw Camp 10 Machete


The Kershaw Camp 10 has one of the shortest blades on this list, extending to 10 inches only. But don't let that bother you since its sharp edges and ergonomic design helps you catch the game easily and comfortably because of its glass-filled nylon grip.

It only weighs 0.5 kg and has cool black hardware for its overall design. But don't let looks fool you. Its Camp Tan colorway is constructed with nylon polymer threaded with glass for extra stability.

5. Barebones Nata Tool


The Barebones Nata Tool nods to the traditional Japanese blade designs that boast precise cuts and overall durability.

This particular tool has a double-edged 12-inch blade made of stainless steel and is the perfect tool for forestry. Its hardwood maple handle gives a comfortable grip for easy gardening and cutting through wood.

Lastly, this one of the best survival machetes weighs around 0.45 kg.

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6. Ontario Sp8 Machete


The Ontario Sp8 machete is made from carbon steel and weighs 1.3 kg. Its blade is 10 inches long and is designed purposefully for military, hunting, and sporting use.

This machete boasts a patented Kraton handle, making it very comfortable to grip and easy to maneuver for its intended purposes.

7. Condor Tool & Knife, Discord Machete


The Condor Tool & Knife, Discord Machete is one of the longest survival machetes on this list. Its blade stretches up to 18 inches and 26.75 inches overall.

Its blade is constructed from 1075 high carbon steel and comes with a black leather belt sheath perfect for your survival needs.

8. Fiskars Machete Axe


The Fiskars Machete Axe's blade measures 18 inches and the overall length stretches to 29 inches perfect for reaching high branches. Its design doubles as an axe making it a more versatile tool for your outdoor needs, whether you're in the wild or using it for your garden.

Aside from its blade and axe features, it also has a serrated saw pattern for cutting through tough lumber easily.

9. Gerber Gator Machete


The Gerber Gator Machete gets the prize for the most comfortable survival machete on this list because of its nylon Gator rubber grip, which is specifically made for comfort and control.

Its blade stretches up to 18 inches and is designed with black high-carbon steel. For versatility, it comes with a saw-tooth design at the opposite side of the blade for managing through tough wood.

10. United Cutlery Uc3024 M48 Ops Combat Bowie


Just by its looks, you'll know that the United Cutlery Uc3024 M48 Ops Combat Bowie is built for serious conditions. Built with serrated teeth on both sides of the blade, this tool can cut through almost anything you want it to because of its 420A stainless steel blade.

At an overall length of 16 inches, its blade offers a titanium electroplated finish packed with a reinforced impact-resistant handle to deliver power and precise cuts.

Watch this video from 3 River Blades for a guide on how to pick the best survival machetes:

Machetes are versatile tools for almost all your outdoor activities. These survival machetes are versatile and can get almost all the outdoor work done with ease. Owning one, especially when you're a survivalist, is essential.

Which of these survival machetes is your go-to weapon?

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Do you have a survival machete with you when you go out in the woods? Which one do you have? Tell us in the comment section provided below.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Ranger Bob

    February 24, 2022 at 1:28 PM

    I carry a Randall model 1 and a couple 9mm bullet launchers (pistol and carbine) that use the same magazine. I also carry a hatchet/saw combo so I have things to cut and chop with. If I had the space I would prefer a quality short “sword” based on the Roman gladius rather than a machete. It could be used as a machete but also as a superb combat tool for silent kills and intimidation. The Romans used it conquer an empire so it has a proven track record.

    PS: A Gerber machete I used on a camping trip bent easily. Unlike other Gerber products I have used, I think it is junk.

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