The Hidden Benefits of Prepping & the Preparedness Lifestyle [PODCAST]



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The Hidden Benefits of Prepping & the Preparedness Lifestyle

To the average person, prepping is no more than a collection of wack jobs preparing for the end of the world. This perception is because of the MSM pushing the narrative and highlighting extreme cases and people’s hesitation to take a serious look at anything that might affect their daily lives.

Another reason people are apprehensive about preparing for disasters or unforeseen events is that people are reactionary and have very short memories. The recent pandemic has proven how true this is.

You remember the great toilet paper shortage of 2020 right? People failed to prepare beforehand and rushed out and emptied the store shelves of anything they could wipe their butts with. A few months later, the panic has subsided, and people are back to their everyday daily lives.

We saw the same thing happen during Y2K. People rushed out to buy generators only to sell them a couple of months later. There is no need to prepare for situations that may or may not happen to the average person.

We get labeled crazy for talking about an economic collapse and having some food storage, but it’s perfectly acceptable to say climate change will kill us all in 20 years and to wear a mask while you’re alone in your car.

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