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10 Badass Survival Zombie Weapons Dad Will Love



A lot of doomsday preppers want to arm themselves should a zombie apocalypse happen in their lifetime.

Okay…so maybe most of us know that a “zombie apocalypse” isn't likely to happen, but it's fun to think about right? Besides, planning what you would do in such a scenario is a fun way to make sure you're prepared for a real-life SHTF event.

And with Father's Day coming up, what better way to thank Dad for all he's done than to get him something to add to his Zombie Survival Arsenal?

Here are a few of our favorite Zombie Apocalypse survival weapons. A couple can even be made at home for a fun DIY project on Father's Day Weekend!

10 Badass Zombie Survival Weapons

1. HR-30 Tactical Folding Knife


When you're defending yourself against the zombie hordes, you'll want the best weapons available. This is the best-selling tactical knife in the world and is sure to help you out in any SHTF situation, zombies or no.

2. Long Range Gun with Silencer

Even AMC's Prop Master, John Sanders, agrees with this. Equipping your rifles or handguns with silencers is the most effective long-distance weapon to pick off the undead at a faster rate without attracting more walkers.

3. Ninja Blow Gun

ninja blow gun

There is no replacement for a firearm, but when you need something more lightweight that can still pack a punch, a blow gun can get the job done.

4. M4 Tactical Crossbow

m4 tactical crossbow

(Image via)

Silent but deadly. Daryl Dixon of AMC’s The Walking Dead has proven time and time again how badass a crossbow can be against the undead. But Darryl’s crossbow only had 125 pounds of draw weight, while the M4 crossbow has 180 pounds of draw weight and can fire lethal 8mm ball bearings. It is also equipped with a red dot sight, LED flashlight and a Wolf’s Eye Blue Light gun attachment.

The perfect Father's Day gift for "The Walking Dad." Click here to get your "In Daryl We Trust" shirt NOW for only $9.95!

The perfect Father's Day gift for “The Walking Dad.” Click here to get your “In Daryl We Trust” shirt NOW for only $9.95!


5. DIY Saw Blade Slinger

saw blade slinger

Also named the disaster bat. If you happen to have a lot of saw blades in your tool shed this would be a good weapon of choice. With enough practice to increase your hit percentage, you can engage at a distance. If zombies close in you can swing your slinger to pummel the heads like watermelons.


6. A Sturdy Machete


Other than being able to defend yourself in close quarters, you can use this as a tool to cut wood to make a fire or a makeshift shelter. Plus it doesn’t break down nor does it run out of ammo.


This is a combination machete infused into the bat, thus the name. This would double the hit with a single swing, guaranteeing a kill as long as you hit the head.

8. The TALON Multipurpose Robot

With a 1,000-meter range from robot to remote controller, the tough gets easier for those that can have this badass weapon. It can work on different surfaces from sand to snow and even 100 ft of water. This will surely prevent losing someone in a group for heroic missions. The question, though, is if you could get your hands on one.


9. The Japanese Katana

(Image via)

(Image via)

When it comes to deadly weapons, the Katana tops the list. This blade has been a feared legend in its category for ages. The Japanese Katana is known to slice though almost anything with ease and requiring little maintenance. Being lightweight with a long blade at about 28.7 inches if used with a proper technique, slicing through a horde of walkers wouldn’t be much of a problem. Just see how Michonne does it.


10. Anti-Zombie Riot Spear with Sheath,

zombie spear

High-quality stainless steel with a double-edged blade that is around 8 inches long and 1 inch thick. The long shaft (44 ¾ inches) is made up of super durable 30% fiberglass reinforced nylon. You can either pick the undead at a safe distance or throw it a safer distance for good measure. You have to practice on your aim though.


Whether it's fighting off zombies or surviving another disaster, natural or manmade, the weapons above are sure to get the job done.

What's your favorite zombie survival weapon? Let us know in the comments!

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And why not make your own weapons to fight off the zombie horde?


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