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7 REALLY Badass Weapons You Can Make At Home


Want to make some awesome homemade survival gear?

We decided we weren’t done with the badass homemade weapons quite yet.

If you haven’t already, check out our first post, 7 Badass Weapons You Can Make At Home.

In the same spirit as our first post, we wanted to share 7 more seriously badass weapons you can make at home.

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These weapons can be of use, but mainly they are just fun to make and use for entertainment.

Check out these 7  REALLY badass weapons you can make at home.


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 How to Make 7 REALLY Badass Homemade Weapons

badass weapons

1. The War Hammer

This may be a simple design, but the name says it all. Don’t underestimate the power of the war hammer!





2. The Disaster Bat (Saw Blade Slinger)

With these instructions, you’ll learn how to make a Saw Blade Slinger. As you can probably tell already, this is a very unique weapon. The name leaves little to the imagination when it comes to what this thing is made to do- sling saw blades. Almost completely made with a couple of pieces of wood, this slinger is inexpensive to make if you have the right equipment. Though this might not be the most conventional weapon, it’s a fun DIY with a badass end product.

Find our step-by-step instructions here!

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 6.19.24 PM




3. Flame Thrower

This particular flame thrower is made to fit in a normal backpack, keeping your arms and hands free for throwing flames while you use it! With an air compressor, a diesel nozzle, a fuel tank, some hose, and some fittings, you’ll have a flame thrower capable of running off of tiki torch fuel.

Click here for our step-by-step instructions!





4. Trebuchet

This classic weapon is brought to another level with this DIY. This giant trebuchet has an equally giant amount of power, making this catapult seriously badass.

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 6.21.01 PM




5. Homemade Landmine

Who knew a lunchbox could become a weapon? This DIY uses airsoft pellets, but you could use whatever you want!

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 6.21.42 PM




6. Death Ray

Have an old television around? You can turn it into something way cooler than it’s former, dated identity with a few steps. With some simple disassembling, you can have 2000 degrees of heat to use for cooking, water sanitation, or to just burn things. Read up on how to use the screen of an old TV as a giant death ray!

Find our step-by-step instructions here!

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 6.22.24 PM




7. Pipe Gun

This is another classic homemade weapon with it’s own twist.

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 6.22.49 PM


Don’t feel like making your own bad ass weapons? Check out one of ours and get yours for free! 


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    […] Check out 7 REALLY Badass Weapons You Can Make At Home […]

  • Stone says:

    I wouldn’t make the pipe gun. Because it could blow up on you.

  • JJM says:

    Pipe Gun – Did it work? Why no video of test fire? I would be somewhat concerned of standard galvanized pipe surviving more than a couple shots, stock and barrel remaining firmly attached and mostly with where the firing pin/nail ends up – off-the-shelf tapered pipe threads do not allow you to union the pipe and plug close together!!

  • Steven says:

    H questions about used plastic milk cartons, can you store sugar, flour, cornmeal yeast, and other bulk items in them? Several ?s, where can one get answers to specific, not generalizes, questons?

    • Raychel says:

      I actually use 2 liter soda bottles to store bulk food items in, once I have rinsed them out of course. I just drop in an oxygen absorbent packet before closing it up if I plan on storing it for a while. Milk jugs are very hard to get completely clean, and the milk proteins that you may not be able to completely remove will spoil your food items. Better safe than sorry; especially when storing food for emergency situations and the price of food these days.

  • dale sparks says:

    so far I enjoy this site I`ve told four of my friends and my son about , keep up the good work

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    […] Enjoy homemade weapons? Check out 7 REALLY Badass Weapons You Can Make At Home! […]

  • Smoke Hill Farm says:

    If you use iron pipe for any of these projects, keep in mind that this material rusts faster than anything else on earth, so you should clean it with some degreaser and PAINT it immediately. A few bucks worth of Rustoleum or some of that plastic-based paint will go a long way to keep it usable. On the un-paintable parts, like the inside of that gun barrel, be generous with a coat of oil that you replenish occasionally (unless you shoot it regularly).

    As far as using black pipe as a gun barrel … it has been done and used before, but it would probably be a good idea to reinforce that barrel with something else, especially if you plan on using it a lot during the zombie apocalypse. You can wrap it with a later or two of steel wire, and then wrap it with heavy duct tape, to keep it from doing serious damage if that barrel turns into a banana, which could happen if you are shooting heavy shotgun slugs or buckshot, esp. from the longer shot shells, and even more especially if you use a rather long barrel, where the energy of the explosion inside has more time and room to build up.

    • Smoke Hill Farm says:

      I just noticed that the one improvised weapon seemed to use regular gray iron pipe instead of black iron pipe (the kind usually used for gas connections instead of water connections).

      I have heard MANY times that the black pipe is the only acceptable one for improvised weapons since it is a different category of pipe and MUCH MUCH stronger than the regular water-pipe stuff.

      The difference in cost is small. Be sure to get the BLACK iron pipe, unless you want to risk it blowing up in your face !!!!!!!

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  • Bob says:

    a trebuchet would be the most impractical weapon. I couldn’t see any situation one would need to use this, let alone transport it to be used.

    • Left CoastChuck says:

      For neighborhood defense, a trebuchet is a most practical weapon. You have barricades up at the entrance to your neighborhood. You want heavy artillery zeroed in on your barricades. The trebuchet can throw short pieces of log, it can throw heavy rocks, most importantly, it an throw bundles of burning material. Consider the effect on bad guys trying to breach your entrance barricade when bundles of burning, dried out weeds start raining down on them. Because of its high arc, a trebuchet can drop loads behind a barricade that flat trajectory weapons cannot penetrate. Loaded on a trailer, the trebuchet can also be made into a mobile launcher. If you study pictures of medieval sieges, the trebuchets were wheeled in order to be mobile. They were used to throw objects over the walls of fortified positions, much like a mortar or howitzer does today. As another bulletin said, in a desperate situation, your mind is your best weapon. Think, plan, adjust.

  • butterflyer says:

    If you use pipe liik for schedule 60 or 80 it has thicker walls and is thus stronger than common schedule 40 commonly sold in big box stores

  • Zach says:

    Be careful with the pipe gun. That is a textbook example of a “zip gun” and is restricted in a lot of states (including pro gun states like Texas). Other places restrict catapults and trebuchets just the same as they ban stuff like slingshots. And flamethrowers are illegal in ten states (it’s only a misdemeanor). Check your local laws before making stuff like this.

  • 0

    Geat site. I do flintknapping and weapon recreation work, and you have some great ideas.

  • Spylock says:

    The guns made from galv. pipe do work well in a pinch,but the person making them can make it a better,safer gun with a little effort.We used to call them “Zip Guns”You can make just about any cal. you can find pipe for,we made 22 cal. out of trans. line,you just have to offset your firing pin for rim fire,but this should be a weapon of last resort,of course yall know that.

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    […] Enjoy homemade weapons? Check out 7 REALLY Badass Weapons You Can Make At Home! […]

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    […] 7 REALLY Badass Weapons You Can Make At Home […]

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