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ALONE Season 2 Recap: Episode 10



Episode 10: “The Gamble”

Episode 9 ended with Justin tapping out to start his ‘next adventure’. Who will be next?

alone show

“The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places.” – Ernest Hemingway

4 People Remain

  1. Jose Martinez Amoedo
  2. Nicole Apelian
  3. David McIntyre
  4. Larry Roberts

As Episode 10 Begins…

Jose takes his hand crafted kayak, the Delicada, out into the water to explore possible evidence of salmon and quickly notices that the kayak has a leak. He then quickly turns around and heads back to shore. He realizes there is a puncture on the side of the kayak.

David talks about how excited he is to finally have a solid food source. He takes his fishing pole out to the waters to test his luck once again. It doesn’t take long before he catches a fish. He then catches 2 more! When he walks over to string up his third fish there is no sight of the stringer with the other 2 fish – the whole thing is gone! The 2 fish were high up on a flat rock and it becomes evident that a predator (most likely an eagle) swooped down and made David’s dinner their own. The next morning, he makes another attempt at fishing. His goal is to catch a fish to use for bait to then catch a crab and the attempt is successful. As he throws out the line to possibly catch a crab (with the fish attached) he loses his line. As he attempts to retrieve it, he slips on the rocks and falls into the frigid water. He heads back to his camp to build a fire to dry his clothes and to get warm.

Nicole relaxes at her ‘sit spot’ by the water and discusses how the salmon run could be possibly dry or getting close to that point. Her new friend, ‘Mr. Seal’, is shown hanging out at her gill net. Nicole then wonders if the gill net (which at this moment is under water) does in fact have a fish – and if ‘Mr. Seal’ is after her dinner.

As Episode 10 Continues…

Nicole checks her gill net during low tide the following day. As she walks to the net she is pretty positive that she will find a salmon in the net as she saw the salmon swim towards the net and become entangled earlier that morning. Nicole becomes quickly disappointed as she discovers that the salmon head is the only part of the fish left. She feels positive that the seals are to blame. She checks the net the following day and realizes that the seals have returned. This time the seals have damaged the net. After repairing the net, she then moves the entire net to another spot. The following day, she realizes that the seals are still feeding on the fish in her gill net. So, Nicole decides to make a pretty brave move – she follows a bear trail to forage for food. She notices some evidence (salmon carcuses) on the trail but, nothing she can use for herself. This scene ended with an emotional Nicole stating how hungry she has become.

Jose has repaired the hole on the side of the kayak. He makes another attempt to go out to look for evidence of salmon or any other food source as it is becoming desperately needed. He makes it to the stream up ahead and as he looks around he notices only a few salmon carcuses on the banks. Jose’s fear quickly becomes realized – he has missed the salmon run. Later, he makes a unique type of fishing gear called a ‘jigger’. He then takes his kayak into the water to try out his new fishing gear. He has success! He catches a Cabezon fish – which means “big headed” or “stubborn” in Spanish. Jose feels like his luck has finally turned around for the better.

Larry opens up about how boredom is starting to set in. He starts on a new project – a small project that won’t affect his calorie intake too much. He attempts to carve a spoon. When the project is complete he shows it off to the viewers at home. The spoon turned out great! He cooks a pot of limpets and discusses the struggle to keep going. The following morning, Larry talks about his plans for the day. He discusses in detail what his days on Vancouver Island are like. It has become a ‘waiting game’ of sorts for Larry. Later, he talks about an emotional breakdown and he tells the viewers at home how difficult it has become to keep going and how he tries so hard to not think about tapping out. It was an emotional scene as it showed us at home firsthand what it is really like to be out there surviving daily – ALONE.

Watch the full episode here.

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