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ALONE Season 2 Recap: Episode 4



ALONE season 2 episode 4

ALONE Season 2 Recap

Episode 4: Hunger's Grip

Episode 3 ended with a couple of black bears making a visit to Tracy’s camp during the night. Tracy stood her ground and retrieved her air horn to make her presence known to the bears. She yells at them to leave then she realizes something – that it’s a mama bear and her cub…

8 People Remain

“The instinct to survive will never change, neither will the human body’s amazing ability to endure”  – John “Lofty” Wiseman

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Episode 4 begins with Tracy standing her ground against the mama bear and her cub. She is successful in getting them to leave her camp. Tracy then experiences emotions of remorse and regret because of the “rage monster” she says came out of her as she was scaring the mama bear and her cub away from her camp. These emotions within her lead her to tap out.

Watch Tracy’s emotional decision to tap out:

7 People Remain

  1. Jose Martinez Amoedo
  2. Nicole Apelian
  3. Randy Champagne
  4. Mike Lowe
  5. David McIntyre
  6. Justin Vititoe
  7. Larry Roberts

As Episode 4 Continues…

A lack of food starts to take its toll on the remaining survivalists. Many of them haven't eaten in days and it's beginning to impair their mental and physical capabilities, pushing some to the edge of surrender – but, as the episode continues, some of the survivalists have success. One survivalist in particular catches four fish in one afternoon!

As episode 4 comes to a close, a momma bear and her 2 cubs make a second appearance across from Nicole’s camp – the first appearance of black bears near Nicole’s camp happened in episode 3  – but will it become a problem for Nicole (or any of the remaining survivalists) in the near future?

Watch the full episode here.

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