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7 Genius Camping Hacks



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Camping hacks and survival hacks are some of my favorite things.

I love the idea of finding random objects around the house and using them as survival tools.

Amazing Camping Hacks

It’s fun, and it challenges you to “think outside the box” when it comes to your survival skills…

I came across this video today and thought I’d share. A couple of these seem a little silly (especially #5…) but most of them are really useful.

Check out the video below:

Camping hacks are great solutions to obstacles that you may encounter while camping. As you can see, basic survival skills are vital for any kind of camping. Here are a few camping hacks you need to know for survival.

Building a Shelter – The general idea of building a shelter like an A-frame or a lean-to shelter is relatively easy.  To make things easier, always bring a tarp with you when camping, as it can be your instant and useful shelter.

Making a Fire – It is unnecessary to build fire completely from scratch if you have matches, right? But what if they all get wet, then you will be pleased to know that you have the skill. A fire will keep you warm and provide you with a means to cook.

Building shelter and making fire are camping skills to help you survive. However, there are many others that have proven to be useful and cost-effective for many people. Examples for these are fire starter from recyclable kitchen items, emergency lights made out of mason jar, tin can as grill rack, beeswax to make shoes waterproof, etc.

While you may not need to learn how to make a shelter in your daily life, it can be the skill (along with other effective camping hacks) to keep you safe and warm if you are stuck outdoors.

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