14 Garage Sale Prepper Items



Collecting all the gear you need to be prepared may leave your wallet feeling quite a bit lighter.  It’s tempting to buy the latest and greatest gadgets and gizmos, but being prepared for tomorrow shouldn’t make you broke today.

Looking for Prepper Items in Garage Sales

Fortunately, it’s garage sale season.  Many items you may need when SHTF can be found at garage sales at low prices.

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Prepping doesn’t have to cost a lot of money when you know how to look for bargains. Garage sales are a great place to scoop up items you might need for an emergency. The old saying that one man’s junk is another man’s treasure certainly applies here.

Many people don’t know what they have or simply don’t see items for what they are and will sell them for really low prices. Yard sale season is here, so now is the time to get out there and start hunting down the things you need.

Where else do you get low cost prepping supplies?  Let us know in the comments.


Garage sales are traditional and a common way of life. It provides people as well as the regular prepper the excitement of searching through old items and looking for great bargains. There are a lot of reasons why many people hold or go to yard sales. Listed below are some garage sale benefits:

  • You can mostly benefit from a garage sale if you are relocating or just transferred to a new place.
  • The garage sale is a good place to make some money and clean up your clutter in your home at the same time.
  • Purchasing an item from somebody who has owned it before enable you to be more environment friendly since you would be helping to save landfill space.
  • Not only can you find inexpensive prepper items at garage sales, but you can also find them in good condition.
  • A yard sale is a excellent place to catch up with old friends as well as meet new people in your neighborhood. Hosting a garage sale brings people together, especially if it is a multifamily one.
  • You are helping to minimize the pressure on mining for landfills, raw materials and energy required for transportation and dumping of garbage.
  • A garage sale also promotes recycling and reusing old stuff.

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