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8 Survival Foods and How To Store Them



8 Survival Foods and How To Store Them by Survival Life at

Want to learn how to store survival foods?

We all need food to survive. It is a fact that from the very beginning of life, a billion years back, the organisms needed food to live. It would have been impossible for those living things to grow, develop, and evolve without anything to eat. Whether it is a plant or animal, every living thing needs nourishment in order to continue the cycle of life. It will not grow, reproduce and survive without food.

8 Survival Foods and How To Store Them

Food is the catalyst that makes the body function. Once it is consumed, the body is nourished and energy is produced, making the body functional. If you want to survive a disaster or even the EOTW, food should be on your list of things to prepare. Although it is said that humans can live for a week without food, those seven days could be the most difficult times in one’s life.

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8 Survival Foods and How To Store Them by Survival Life at

Salt is one of the most important foods and it will last for a long time. Via

8 Foods You Should Be Storing and How

Everyone knows we should be storing some kind of food in our home pantries for both emergencies and preparedness. But how do you know where to start or which foods to store? I see lots of lists on foods folks think you should be storing for your long term food storage. Some of them I agree with, but a lot of them, they’re not practical.

I don’t believe in storing food you don’t use in your regular life. Why would you invest money and storage on something you’re not using? That makes no sense to me. Plus, if an emergency does hit, you don’t want to be adding to the stress of the situation by trying to figure out how to cook and use something you’ve never used before.

Our goal is to have close to a year’s supply of our staples on hand. This works well with the produce we grow and put up at home, along with the raising of our homegrown grass fed beef, meat chickens, laying hens, and pigs we raise.

These are the 8 foods I believe you should be storing and how to store them. I don’t include fruits and vegetables as most of us can grow or harvest these at home or close to our homes. I firmly believe you should know how or where to get fresh fruits and vegetables and preserve them at home. In fact I have a free Ultimate Home Food Preservation Guide and Heirloom Gardening Guide to help you do this, go here to claim your free copies. 

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1. Salt- salt can be used as both a way to preserve food as well as flavoring dishes. I put salt at the top of the list because most of us don’t have a way to get salt where we live.

via 8 Foods You Should Be Storing and How Melissa K. Norris.

First the body uses up all of the liquid and nutrients in store just to be able to supply the energy that the brain and muscles require, and in the process focusing or concentrating becomes difficult. We feel weak and tired and very irritable. Then the body consumes the fat to keep you going. When the fat runs out, the protein is next. At this point, the organs take the beating and some parts may fail. When organs fail, death will definitely come next.

This is the scenario that we are all afraid of and this is the reason we put a lot of effort in storing food. If you were able to survive the end of the world, then you are going to need to get through the aftermath. Food will be your savior and number one survival item. It is therefore a smart thing to store food that will not go stale right away. Choosing nutritious and long-lasting food will spell the difference between starvation and survival.

8 Survival Foods and How To Store Them by Survival Life at

With proper food storage, you will have something to eat when SHTF. Via

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