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How did Zpacks founder Joe Valesko begin from his humble apartment to hiking over 10,000 miles of trail? It began with zeal and passion that shows on every camping gear he designs and builds.

Below are some of Zpacks' best backpacking rigs that would take you places.

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10 Awesome ZPacks Rigs That You Need to Have

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1. Arc Air 50L DCF Backpack

This Zpacks premium backpack is a trifecta of function, durability, and comfort. Despite its simplicity, it packs a plethora of excellent features.

Killer Features

  • Curved Carbon Fiber Air Stays

It keeps your back cool by providing space between your back and the bag.

  • Specialized Frame

An ergonomic feature that transfers all the weight from your shoulders to your hips.

  • Padded Belt and Contoured Straps

This provides more cushion and better grip for the greatest comfort.

  • 50-Liter Pack Size

The adjustable main compartment can carry five days worth of food

Why Do You Need It?

If you are looking for a lightweight backpack with enough space for your camping gear, this one’s for you.


The Arc Air 50L DCF is an ultralight go-bag with heavyweight features.

2. Nero 38L Backpack

The Nero is Zpacks top contender for lightweight frameless backpacks.  Built for long-distance hikes this bag is compact yet versatile.

Killer Features

  • Ultra-Flexible Built

Designed to fit inside a suitcase, this foldable pack is compact and durable.

  • Smart Attachment Loops

Placed in various strategic sections, this feature allows you to attach modular add-ons.

  • Ergonomic Shoulder Straps

These 3/8 inches thick and 2.5 inches wide padded and contoured straps provide superior comfort.

  • Adjustable Three-Belt Positions

This allows you to adjust the webbing belt to fit the exact height of your torso.

Why Do You Need It?

If you prefer long-distance hikes or just want to travel light, the Nero is your hero.


The Nero 38L Backpack is a small frameless backpack that is big in feature and function.

3. 10F Full-Zip Sleeping Bag

Zpacks put the Z in your sleep with 10F Full-Zip Sleeping Bag. Designed and built using top-notch materials, this is the sleeping bag of your dreams.

Killer Features

  • DownTek Water-Resistant Down Construction

This innovative feature ensures a dry comfortable rest even during wet evenings.

  • Fully Adjustable Built

The bag has full-length two-way zippers that allow you to unzip the bottom for more space.

  • Vertical Baffles and Close-Spaced Compartments

These features cut cold spots and maintain warmth inside the sleeping bag.

  • Ventum Nylon Construction

For superior breathability, this bag is also constructed from superior Vantum nylon fabric.

Why Do You Need It?

Perfect if you want a safe and cozy goodnight’s rest anywhere, anytime.


Zpacks 10F Full Zip is a comfortable, versatile, and chemical-free sleeping bag.

4. Duplex Tent

Weight, size and superb features are where this Zpacks tent shines. No matter where you plan to camp, this is your perfect traveling companion.

Killer Features

  • Compact and Super Lightweight

Built from composite materials, this tent is for quick setup in the tightest spots.

  • Wind-Resistant Construction

Its durable frame makes this compact tent handle strong winds well.

  • Flexible Storm Doors

It is also fitted with four storm doors that you can adjust depending on the weather or climate.

  • Enhanced Resting Space

Its 45-inch wide and 7.5-feet long bathtub floor provides enough space to stretch out.

Why Do You Need It?

If you are looking for a tough no-frills tent for two, this is for you.


The Zpacks Duplex Tent is a spacious guerilla-type tent that you can set up in seconds.

5. Groundsheet Poncho – Flat

Zpacks Groundsheet Poncho – Flat is an all-around camping gear that you can’t do without. It packs the best value for your money.

Killer Features

  • Three-in-One Feature

It is a groundsheet, pack cover, and poncho for the price of one.

  • Ultra-Functional Design

This poncho has a water-resistant hood, fully taped seams, and better body coverage.

  • Puncture and Abrasion Resistant

It’s made of thick composite fabric and polyester membrane to resist wear and tear.

Why Do You Need It?

If you want multi-functional gear that saves space, you need this.


Zpacks Groundsheet Poncho – Flat is the Swiss Knife of poncho design.

6. Bear Bagging Kit

Protect your food from bears and other wild intruders with Zpacks Bear Bagging Kit. Built from specialized materials, this gear will save you a lot of trouble and expenses.

Killer Features

  • Heavy-Duty Construction

Made from durable fabric, this bag can withstand abuse from various wild animals.

  • Sealed Seams

The kit’s seams are fully taped to prevent water and moisture from seeping in.

  • Rodent Resistant

Its extra-strength material could also deter persistent rodents to some degree.

  • Velcro Top Seal

Sealed with industrial-strength Velcro, the bag allows easy operation.

  • Free Carabiner

This bonus feature lets you clip the bag to a rope hassle-free.

Why Do You Need It?

It is simple but efficient equipment to keep your supplies safe from dangerous pests.


Zpacks’ Bear Bagging Kit is a practical gear that gets the job done without complications.

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7. Front Utility Pack Accessory

Easy access to your phone and other essential items is important when you are on the go. The Zpacks Front Utility Pack Accessory lets you do that without having to unpack your bag.

Killer Features

  • Roomy Interior

This accessory has a 1.7L main pocket that could fit in more items.

  • Comfortable Built

It has a padded back to provide better comfort during long hikes.

  • Water-Resistant

With a waterproof zipper and taped seams, the bag will keep your precious gadgets dry and safe.

  • Specialized Pockets

It is also built with interior mesh and exterior rear pockets for storing keys, wallets, and maps.

Why Do You Need It?

It provides you with easy and fast access to essential items during emergencies.


The Zpacks Front Utility Pack Accessory is a huge problem solver that comes in a small package.

8. MSR Pocket Rocket 2 Stove

Cooking your food is a major concern in the wild. The Zpacks MSR Pocket Rocket 2 Stove lets you cook the best meal no matter where you are.

Killer Features

  • Precision Flame Control

The stove’s regulator allows you to adjust from slow simmer to quick boil.

  • Light Durable Case

Built like a tank, this lightweight stove could endure continuous abuse during hikes.

  • Improved Versatile Design

The new folding pot design can now accommodate a broader range of cooking containers.

  • High-Speed Boiling Time

Powered by generic isobutane fuel, this stove can boil a liter of water in 3.5 minutes flat.

Why Do You Need It?

It’s an effective backup stove when campfire cooking is impossible due to bad weather.


The MSR Pocket Rocket 2 Stove is a military-grade burner that doesn’t come with a high price tag.

9. Victorinox Classic Knife

You prefer to travel light but you still want to bring all your essential tools. What you need is the Victorinox Classic Knife by Zpacks.

Killer Features

  • Multi-Purpose

It has a blade, mini screwdrivers, scissors, tweezers, and toothpicks.

  • Super Compact

This Swiss Army-type knife is only 5.9 centimeters long.

  • Extra Durable

Made from high-quality steel, this knife is very durable.

  • Sleek and Stylish

Available in red and cobalt blue, the Victorinox is the Ferrari of utility blades.

Why Do You Need It?

Why not? It's one of the most used knives worldwide and not having one is like not bringing a gun to a shootout.


The Victorinox Classic Knife is a premium gear that gives the best value for your money.

10. Silva Pocket Compass Thermometer

Your smartphone is an awesome navigational device but what if it runs out of battery in the wild. Enter the trusty Zpacks Silva Pocket Compass Thermometer.

Killer Features

  • Precision Performance

It has a tiny yet precis needle that will guide you to your destination in unfamiliar terrains.

  • Accurate Temperature Reading

Also doubling as a thermometer, this pocket tool keeps you aware of your environment.

  • Ultra-Compact

This compass is lightweight, can fit in your pocket, and comes with a strap and a carabiner.

  • Built for the Wild

It can withstand use and abuse, thanks to its patented material and design.

Why Do You Need It?

It is a backup device for your electronic navigational tool.


The Silva Pocket Compass Thermometer is one of the best multi-function compasses  today

So what's the story behind the rad backpacking brand Zpacks? Check out this awesome interview with the company's founder and hiking guru Joe Valesko by Darwin onthetrail:  

So, there you go. These are the best Zpacks camping essentials that you can buy right now. Happy camping, stay safe, and enjoy!

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