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I know that when you think “knockout”, you're envisioning some sort of punch or blow to someone's coconut, right?

Well what if I told you that you could actually knock someone out with a simple “ankle stomp”?

Think about how powerful this could make you?

Imagine that even a 300lb prison thug would crumple like a ragdoll with just this one simple move you can master right now!

Don't believe me?

Here's how to do it…

Weird Ankle Stomp Knockout Move For Self Defense

First, the secret to this move is a “hidden” pressure point on the human body called “Spleen 6” (Sp6).  It's located about one hands width up from the ankle bone on the INSIDE of the leg.  Here's a photo of the exact placement:



Now, to make this work, all you have to do is stomp down and through this point as hard and vicious as you can.  Be sure to stomp at roughly a 45 degree angle and pretend you’re going right through the bone and into the floor.

I promise that this will generate so much pain that most people will simply just pass out.  Even if they don't, they'll be totally incapacitated and unable to come after you as you escape.

Now a word of warning here…

This ain’t just a ‘sore place’ to hit… it ain’t just a leg break… it ain’t even just a K.O.!   You'll probably break a vital part of their leg doing this and if they try to run after you, they can actually tear an artery and bleed to death in about 30 seconds.

In other words, DON'T use this on Uncle Larry at the family picnic when he's had a few too many and is ranting about how he was cut out of the will, ok?  But if it's some reject from the prison system who's ready to rip your throat out, this is a great “first strike” he'll never see coming that could end the fight in just one strike!

Street Fighting Moves For Self Defense

This ankle stomp trick is just one example of the mean and nasty moves you should be using if you’re ever attacked in a real street fight.  Forget the typical “martial arts techniques” you’ll find down at the local karate club… most of the things you’ll learn are more for “sport” than for “survival”!

If you want to know what really works against a predatory gang-banger who’s targeted you as a victim, then check out Street Fighting Uncaged.  It’s a real no-nonsense look at “illegal” fight moves that will save you and those you protect no matter how big and strong your attacker may be.

Warning:  This is real hardcore stuff!

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  1. Zeek

    July 18, 2013 at 6:39 AM

    Soak cotton balls with it and put in a closed container such as a film cansister. Use it when camping to start a campfire going.

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