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Ever wondered what it sounds like when SHTF?



Probably a bit like this:

The meteoroid – estimated to be about 10 tons – entered the Earth's atmosphere at a speed of at least 33,000mph, producing a sonic boom. It shattered into pieces between 18-32 miles above the ground, showering the Urals city of Chelyabinsk with debris.Glass windows and doors were blown out, several building were damaged. Hundreds of people were injured – some with serious head wounds – and 110 victims remained in hospital, many of them children.

A chunk of the space object apparently smashed into a frozen lake, leaving a six-metre wide hole in the ice.

Video footage showed the meteor streaking through the sky at supersonic speed at about 9.20am local time, and then a blaze of light followed later by the sound of explosions and breaking glass. Residents immediately expressed their shock and fear on social media.

“I thought the world was about to end!” said one. A video clip showed men shouting “It's a bombardment!” as a noise like an explosion set off car alarms.

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This meteorite fell on a day that coincides with the same date that the monstrous 160 foot asteroid named 2012 DA14 cruised within a rather uncomfortable 17,000 miles of the earth.

So far these two events have been listed as unrelated.

But this does beg the question…. What would happen if one of these space rocks did collide with us?

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  1. Andy

    February 16, 2013 at 7:52 AM

    Everyone was looking at 2012 DA14. What scares me is that a 10 ton meteor slipped through unnoticed!

  2. Rick

    March 18, 2013 at 8:20 AM

    Important to note that photos showed heavy metal window frames blown outward with smashed glass all around. The frames were heavy commercial window frames not light residential junk. This was a large fairly modern building (post soviet.) The damage went up several stories.

    Regarding the sound: I used to work at MD House of Corrections. A medium security prison. One night my wife drove up to pick me up. She listed to the sound and was scared out of her wits because she thought a riot was in progess. In fact what she heard was 600 inmates living in a five story cell block. NO RIOT just life at a medium security prison block. Noise can be tricky.

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