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Iodine Tablets: Water Purification on the Go



iodine tablets water purification

Iodine tablets are one of the best ways to purify drinking water when you don’t have access to a fresh water source.

Out in the wilderness, there’s almost nothing more important than having water. While a person can live up to three weeks without food, you will die — or at least start to experience severe problems — after three days without water.

But just having water isn’t enough. Your water needs to be clean and drinkable. This can be a challenge in the wilderness, where water can be contaminated with a variety of bacteria and other disease-causing agents.

Enter iodine tablets.

In the video below, ‘Above Average’ Joe gives you the inside scoop on iodine tablets — one of the best ways to purify water on the go.

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Iodine Tablets

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