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How To Recognize A Violent Revolution



How To Recognize A Violent Revolution

With chaos ensuing, many Americans are anxious about the present conditions of the nation. Is a violent revolution imminent? If it is, how can you prepare for it? Read more about it below.

Signs of a Violent Revolution

What is happening in America? Are we on the verge of collapse? There are a lot of voices that agree we are.

The political playing field looks pretty desolate, police efforts look useless and many of us are wondering, what next?

Are we in the throes of a violent revolution in America? Well, let's look at some of the historical signs and you be the judge.

Mob Rule 

Mob Rule  | How To Recognize A Violent Revolution

One of the earliest signs that you are in the midst of what could become a violent revolution is the appearance of mob rule. This is not the same thing as a riot.

Mob rule is what happens when riots and angry mobs become the norm, and their actions affect the society.

When things like monuments come down, it is part of mob rule. We watched this same thing happen in the revolution in China where statues of Buddha were defaced.

Due Process

One of the hallmarks of the American system is that no matter the crime, there is a proper legal process. Judges examine evidence and the jury makes the conviction. When mob rule and outrage intoxicate a nation, it can quickly bring an end to due process.

This means the national outcry can influence jurors due to intimidation. They might ignore the evidence or make an unfavorable choice.

If people are condemned before due process, that is a dangerous place for a nation to be and a good sign that a violent revolution is taking hold.

Radical Firearms 

When armed revolutionaries show up in peaceful protests, it is one of the surest signs that you are facing the early stages of a violent revolution in your nation. This means the protest cannot take the cause any further and violent action is the next step.


Hypocrisy  | How To Recognize A Violent Revolution

Hypocrisy, almost always, punctuates a violent revolution. It could be in the messaging or in the actions of those revolting.

During the communist revolutions of the 20th century, the message was the distribution of wealth evenly, but there always appeared Czars or Kings amongst the people who amassed great wealth in these times.

Adolf Hitler himself had Jewish ancestry as he stoked the flames of Jewish genocide in his nation.

Targeting by Race, Religion or Socioeconomic Status

Any good revolution needs a target. The clear identification and subjugation of that target are essential in a revolution.

In Cambodia, the targets were the educated and wealthy. In Russia, the farmers, of all people, were the targets of revolutionaries. Back when it was Nazi Germany, a leader with Jewish ancestry called for the genocide of Jews.

Cultural Influence Through Fascism

Any revolution must conquer pop culture to affect the masses. The use of force or perceived force can be used to push culture in the desired direction.

We are living through a remarkably interesting age where we see a movement of digital fascism in which lives can be ruined if people decide to stand against or even not stand with the cause of the day.

While not as clear or as recognizable as a truncheon we are watching

Attacks on 2A 

Attacks on 2A  | How To Recognize A Violent Revolution

Perhaps the greatest sign of danger when it comes to a violent revolution is when the governing bodies and revolutionary radicals begin to tell the people they no longer need their guns!

While history repeats itself and there is concern about what is happening in our streets, the one major difference in this retelling is that armed people will not be loaded into train cars.

All other groups that faced a violent revolution were disarmed. Keep that in mind as they tell you that you don’t need guns and that the US military protects you.

Prioritize Your Safety First

At the moment we are all measuring where we stand in this new America. The America that emerged from the COVID-19 isolation is something vastly different. Most people are hungry for normalcy while others are trying to figure out how far this iteration of protest and violence will go.

In my humble opinion, we have small pockets of violent revolutionaries in our midst. These seem to be in areas where there is the least amount of focus on law and order.

I recognize almost all these signs in segments of our society today. Without police to keep these groups in check, it is hard to understand why they would simply back down.

Take precautions, prepare, establish cohesion in your neighborhood. Now is the time to act.

When COVID-19 ramps up, the election fires up and the violence reaches a fever pitch you will find yourself stuck where you are and dependent on the things you have.

What is your take on the current situation in America? Do share with us how you are coping in the comments section!

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