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Vertical Farming Can Be Done Anywhere with the Help of “Growing Up”



Vertical farming is possible with little to no outdoor space and a keen sense of what it takes to grow food under a controlled environment. Survival Life’s newest Special Report Growing Up: The Ins and Outs of Up and Down Gardening was created to provide a plan for getting all the fresh produce a family can eat with a small fraction of the space most would think they need.

Growing Up shares the raw information needed to construct foolproof systems for growing vertically-oriented gardens, indoors or out. Almost every picture of a garden average people come up with features a large piece of land with cultivated soil that needs sunlight, water, and tender loving care. Contrary to that thought, full and productive gardens that grow vertically can be better and more convenient than a traditional garden plot.

Do it yourself vertical gardening has become a trending activity thanks to the increase of urban and apartment-style living. Fewer Americans own yards or outdoor spaces large enough to grow a traditional garden, and even fewer have the time to devote to a full-scale fruit or vegetable crop.

With the help of Growing Up, gardeners will find a whole new perspective on farming and realize the advantages of vertically grown produce. Sophisticated vertical gardening systems can be expensive and involved, but Survival Life’s Special Report shows readers how they can practically and easily construct their own food-growing apparatus with basic tools and reasonably-priced supplies.

One of the greatest parts of the Growing Up Special Report is the customizability given to the farmer. Each aspect of growing food, from watering to lighting to size, can be controlled with a vertical garden set up, making the entire process easier. In fact, some plants produce more food when they are growing in a vertical garden than opposed to a traditional garden in the ground.

Vertical gardening is also ideal for children, the elderly, or anyone else who’s incapable of the grueling work an outdoor garden plot can require. There’s no bending over to weed or harvest vertical gardens, and the watering system can be set up to automatically provide plants with the moisture they need to thrive. This type of garden simplifies everything and helps eliminate some of the work necessary to grow food for an entire family.

Survival Life is dedicated to helping people learn as many skills and gain as much knowledge as they possibly can to help prepare for anything the world may toss at them. Vertical farming is the key to facilitating a new perspective on gardening, and Growing Up will guide the way.

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