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Urban Preppers vs Rural Preppers: Which Is Better?



Telling the difference between rural and urban preppers can be quite an interesting discussion. People's views and preferences are a good source of information to spot advantages of one prepper over the other.

Urban Preppers vs Rural Preppers | Survival Discussion

Where would you rather be in an SHTF situation? I always think people prefer to be in the type of environment they already live in. But, we will never really know unless a catastrophic event happens and experience it first-hand. So, the whole point of this topic is to see the advantages and disadvantages of being urban preppers or rural preppers. It's up to you to decide later on where you want to be when SHTF happens.


1. Availability of Resources

Availability of Resources | Urban Preppers vs Rural Preppers: Which Is Better?
More than anything else, food and water are your primary needs for any survival situation. The constant need for provisions will lead to its decrease as each day goes by. You may feel like you have enough food and water supply, but you must consider what's going to happen next when supplies are running out. Take note that both rural and urban preppers will benefit for stockpiling food and water.

2. Security

Security | Urban Preppers vs Rural Preppers: Which Is Better?
Looting is always a possibility even at the onset of a catastrophic event. Good people change for fear of getting hungry, thus, things will only get worse as time passes. The number of people in an area is one very important factor to consider. More people means more provisions needed for everyone to survive. People may resort to violence in order to survive. I would rather be in the rural areas to secure my family's safety in this case.


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3. Location

 Location | Urban Preppers vs Rural Preppers: Which Is Better?
When people are in dire need of help, everyone will hope for the government to act ASAP. The military will go to the closest community with the bigger population to provide aid, security, and order in the chaos. At this point, it may take time to reach the rural areas and people must rely on their own until help arrives.


Watch this video about the possibility of urban survival by city prepping:

Now the question remains, “would you prefer being in an urban setting, or in the countryside in SHTF situations?” Both have advantages and disadvantages in certain aspects. But I think what also matters is the amount of preparation a person makes regardless of the location. If you have a small fortress at home to keep your family safe and enough provisions to get you through the ordeal, you'll be fine until the situation calms itself. But then again, that also depends on what you're facing. If a global disaster is underway, people can only hope for the best.

What can you say about urban preppers vs rural preppers? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Urban Preppers vs Rural Preppers: Which Is Better?

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  1. Ralston Heath

    November 22, 2017 at 9:08 AM

    You have to prepare where you are. Face it, you live in a certain area every day. Here you know the “lay of the land” and where to find things. If you are an urban prepper and find yourself in the rural, you would be lost as to the where to find stuff and when to use it. As well as the opposite, if you are a rural kind of person and find yourself in the urban you are just as lost. Prepare where you are, there is no guarantee of a bug out. Just look at this years hurricanes; those who were ready pulled through just fine, those who relied on the government to save them fared a bit worse.
    Prepare for where you are every day, that is your home, your community, and your life as you live it.

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