7 Reasons Why A Tiny House For Survival Is A Great Idea



The tiny house movement has been growing steadily for years now. And I feel using a tiny house for survival has not been fully realized. Check out the article below to learn more.

The 7 Survival Benefits of a Tiny House

The tiny house movement has been growing steadily for years now. And I feel using a tiny house for survival has not been fully realized. Tiny houses are usually between 100 to 400 square feet. This is in huge contrast to the American average in 2015 that was 2,600 square feet.

Many tiny homes are built on trailers. This, in many areas, bypasses local building laws. As a survivalist any chance to not involve the government is great. Some tiny homes are modified sheds. These are easier to get up and ready but less legal. As a disclaimer, check your area for laws so the department of making you sad doesn't come evict you.

The 7 Survival Benefits of a Tiny House | 7 Reasons Why A Tiny House For Survival Is A Great Idea


How I Built My Tiny House

For my project, I wanted the best bang for my buck. I also wanted it to be quick. The route I went with was to buy a custom built shed. With this, I had a base to build upon. I was able to take care of other things while a professional shed builder built the frame.  After price checking materials to build vs buy there was little difference.

I paid 4k for a 12×20 shed delivered over almost 2 hours away. This way I had a warranty. After receiving the shell of a home I began to do the finish work. First up was to put in the windows. By retrieving salvaged windows a lot of money was saved. Insulation, electric and the beautiful stained plywood walls were next. My house has a few interior walls. A bathroom, pantry and tiny closet.

For the living room floor, I went with a DIY option. I did paper bag  flooring technique. You get brown craft paper and tear strips. Using diluted school glue you glue them to the floor. When the paper has dried you place several coats of polyurethane on the floor. Don't skimp out on the polyurethane. Five coats are recommended and when I went with three coats, I had issues around the year and a half mark.

I still have some things left to finish in my tiny house for survival but I love my tiny home. I would say a rough estimate of the cost to date is about 9k.

Tiny House For Survival

Tiny houses for survival is a great idea. Many think that having a small house would be terrible because you have less room to store things. Yeah, you do have less room, but that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice what's important. If you make food preps and survival gear a priority then it won't be a problem. I have three months of food storage in my tiny house with room for more still.

Being creative also helps. Putting nice table cloths over boxes of food to make end tables. Hide caned food behind the books on your shelves and so on.


Benefit #1: Movable

One of the things I like best about a tiny house for survival is that it is movable. Many tiny houses are built on trailers so they are easily transported around. Others are built like sheds up on blocks. Even these ones are moved easily.

I went with the later when building my tiny house. When I had to move it off the land I was on, it was not difficult. I emptied my house out, mostly, and had a shed mover move my house. The cost was around 2k to pick up and move to another city.

For survival, being able to move is huge. Your house could be a bug out tiny house . A “BOTH” if you like acronyms. If a disaster hits your area just move your home. If the economy tanks in your city pick up and move.

Benefit #2: Live Mortgage Free

Once you are living in a tiny house your bills quickly reduce. No more throwing away rent or a mortgage. This is either a bill you would normally pay for life that is gone. You are a homeowner right away.

Rent or mortgages are a huge portion of our monthly income. Think of all the things you could do with that money not being wasted anymore. Heck, you could build an apocalypse bunker under your garden like Colin Furze.

Benefit #3: Get Out Of Debt Fast

No one likes being in debt. I hated it. I knew that a tiny house for survival was right for me. Paying off your debt quickly is a lot easier in a tiny house. Once I got into my tiny house I was able to become debt free in no time.

Debt is slavery to your work, your car and the bankers. If you choose a tiny house for survival you are choosing freedom. Without debt, you can work less and enjoy life more. You are not tied to a location. With a tiny house on wheels, you could move around the country. You can spend more time with your family and friends. Be able to spend more time honing your bushcraft skills.

Benefit #4: More Money For Preps

When you live in a tiny house you have more money for preps and survival gear. I know buying long-term storage food is expensive. And finding it at a reasonable price can be tough. You can make your own camping meals like I have in the past.

Living in a tiny house for survival you have more time and money for buying these expensive foods.

With all the extra cash you can buy some of the best survival and camping gear on the market. Camping gear is expensive. Especially the light stuff. You will be able to afford that new ultralight sill nylon tarp finally.

Besides just buying food and gear you can invest in your skills. You can find a bushcraft or survival course near you and go take it. You will have time, money and the ability to travel.


Benefit #5: Build Food Storage Into The Design

With a tiny house, you can build food storage into the design. There are lots of design tricks you can do to vastly increase your storage space. Interior walls can have tinned cans hidden in them.

Most tiny houses have the underside of the loft exposed. If you look online you can find a ton of inventive ways to use rafters for storage. There are a lot of ideas for space-challenged preppers. Like I said earlier, you can hide tins behind books on a book shelf. My pantry shelves I built are really deep. I can store a lot of food in my pantry. It takes some prior planning but you can design your home around food and gear storage.

Also, you minimize junk. We all have junk laying around we never use. Clothes that don't fit. Kitchen gadgets we have never used. Purge all that and make room for what's important.

Benefit #6: Focus On Land

With a tiny house for survival, you can focus on the land around you and less on the space you sleep in. Why spend tons of money on something that won't ever pay you back?

When you live in a tiny house you have the time and money to build sustainable and productive land. With permaculture you can have food security. You can have a huge garden and edible hedgerows. With land, you can build a great food forrest to provide you with food for life. You can put in ponds and stock them with fish. And  you can hunt for food.

Benefit #7: Frees Up Time By Working Less

Are you killing yourself at your job? I was. I was stressed, overweight and miserable. Most of my time  was spent away from home working than home. With the move to a tiny house, I have much more time.

Since the bills are less I didn't need to have my stressful job anymore. I downsized my job to one closer and less stressful. You can now focus on what's important to you and your family. Learn a new skill. Find out what wild edibles you have in your area and in which season. Go fishing more. Get out in the woods and build shelters.

In a traditional house, you have to work long hours at a job you may hate. With a tiny house for survival, you don't.

Benefit #7: Frees Up Time By Working Less | 7 Reasons Why A Tiny House For Survival Is A Great Idea



In conclusion, I feel that nothing beats a tiny house for survival. You have more time, money and location freedom. It's not all perfect and I have had some struggles. I would not trade it for anything, though. The decision to build and move into a tiny house has been the most rewarding decision in my life.

In need of some independent living survival tools for your tiny house? Don't miss out on these useful products:

7 Reasons Why A Tiny House For Survival Is A Great Idea

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James Burnette is the creator or the Survivalpunk blog and podcast. He takes a rational and creative approach to Survival with a punk attitude. He takes On DIY projects, survival, and nutrition.


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