One Woman’s Amazing Survivalist Trek Across Australia




Sarah Marquis is drawn to solitude. That’s why she spent three years walking the estimated 10,000 miles from Siberia to Australia, and then across that continent’s big, empty backyard. And that’s why she’s on a four-month survivalist adventure in Australia’s Kimberley region she’s calling her “Dropped Into the Wild Corner” expedition. (Marquis was named a Nat Geo Adventurer of the Year for her solo walk from Siberia to Australia.)

Located Australia’s tropical northwestern corner, the Kimberley is the continent’s last frontier. It offers wild, rugged nature in one of the unfriendliest ecosystems on the planet. Home to saltwater crocodiles, dozens of venomous snakes (including the ominously named desert death adder), deep canyons, loose rocks, and unpredictable wildfires, Marquis says she will rely on all 23 years of her trekking experience in order to survive.

Photograph by Sarah Marquis
“Here, there’s a zone where there are no humans. And there is no such thing on this planet, anymore,” Marquis explains by phone from a local ranch she’s using as a rest point at the midpoint of her journey. “And I wanted the connection with nature, the animals, and the wild. I wanted to be in a place where the animals hadn’t seen people.”

In a place that was chosen specifically for its lack of people, Marquis says that there is one surprising clue to nearby humans. “There are heaps of wild bulls,” she says with a laugh. The livestock escape from nearby ranches and go rogue in the bush.


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