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[Gear Review] Streamlight Stylus | Tiny & Tactical…But is it worth it?



Several of my other prepper friends have been raving about Streamlight products for a while. Many of them are also into firearms so the combination of lights and guns led them to various tactical/military offerings. For slimy civilians like me though, I’m more interested in their odd-ball items that are useful for camping/hiking/biking expeditions. One that I was particularly interested in was the Streamlight Stylus, so I purchased one and decided to incorporate it into my lifestyle.

Streamlight Stylus

Streamlight Stylus | The Pen You'll Forget You Have...Till You Need It


The Stylus is about the size of a regular pen, hence the name. It is a rugged unit though since the body of the light is made from machined aluminum. It is just under 6.5” long and weighs in at just over one ounce. Like most pens, it will fit in most pen/pencil loops in a notebook and it also comes with a clip. The Streamlight Stylus is popular with police, military, and medical users because it is easy to carry and still produces good light output. It also uses AAAA batteries, which allow it to be thin but are also less common than AA and AAA cells.


The LED bulb will generate 11 lumens and it designed to last 100,000 hours. The manufacturer states that the batteries will last a full 24 hours, which is an impressive performance. The Streamlight Stylus is IPX4-rated for water resistance, meaning it is protected from splashing water from any angle. It is also 2m impact resistant, which shows that it is a rugged pen light. This is certainly not an ordinary flashlight!

Projected Costs

I’m not certain what the MSRP is for the Stylus is but I have seen them for between $18-15 online.


After I purchased mine at Batteries+ about two years ago, I dropped the three AAAA cells in and started playing around with it. The light is solid but not too heavy, it feels sturdy in my hands. What’s nice about the Stylus is you can turn it continuously on or just push the button for intermittent light. While I haven’t done so myself, this could be very helpful in signaling others. The light output is more than I expected, LEDs certainly produce a lot of light in a small package.

While I don’t use my Stylus that much, there are some areas where I prefer it over other lights. If I am working on my car or looking for something in cramped spaces, the Streamlight Stylus is small enough for me to poke around and illuminate things. I’m not afraid of dropping it either, especially when I have the glare guard installed. Since it is a pen light, the Stylus is easy to handle and doesn’t get in the way when I use it. For lighting in tight spaces, this is a good flashlight to have.

Another thing I like about the Stylus is that it can be hidden in plain sight. If I put it among my other pens at work or at my home office, only an observant person is going to notice it is there. This makes the Stylus a good backup flashlight because it doesn’t scream “TACTICAL” when somebody sees it. This light just kinda blends in with the surroundings, which is a good attribute to have in my opinion. Most of the time, mine is next to a Fisher MB4 Military Space Pen in a Rite In The Rain notebook.


Solid construction, feels natural to handle and use.


Odd-ball battery type (AAAA) that isn’t easy to find.

Bottom Line

Even though I don’t use my Stylus as much as other flashlights, it has been a helpful addition to my inventory. The format is great, the unit is solid, and the price is reasonable for a pen light that will last a lifetime. I would recommend the Streamlight Stylus to any prepper who wants to have a good backup LED flashlight that will travel easily and fade into the background…until needed.

Overall Rating 8/10

[Gear Review] Streamlight Stylus | Tiny & Tactical…But is it worth it?

Grab a Streamlight Stylus from Amazon here!

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