[Review] Fisher Bullet Space Pen- The Ultimate All Weather Survival Pen?



I’m going to review an American classic, a pen for all seasons and conditions. The Fisher Bullet Space Pen is recognizable to anyone who has ever owned one or read about the history of Space Pens.

Fisher Bullet Space Pen

It is a simple yet high-tech writing instrument that all preppers should consider for their use. It's a timeless classic that is undeniably practical and elegant at the same time. A pen rich in history and promise in the future right at your fingertips. So how can something so far-out be down-to-earth and practical, well…let’s take a closer look.


Back in 1948, before there was a US Space Program, an inventor from Southern California named Paul Fisher decided to create a new type of pen. It was made from solid aluminum and had rounded ends, making it look like a bullet. It was both robust and stylish, so much so that the original design is featured in the New York Museum of Modern Art! Not many pens have that pedigree. Over time the design evolved into the contemporary pen we see today.


The Bullet Space Pen of today looks similar to the original one except it is made from brass and uses a pressurized ink cartridge. According to the manufacturer, the Bullet is still their best-selling pen. It’s easy to see why too, it is a timeless writing instrument that works well in all conditions. It can write upside down, in zero gravity, underwater, and from -30F to +250F. Plus, it’s made right here in America by a small company that values it’s employees and is dedicated to product quality. So a while back, I got a few for myself and decided to incorporate them into my lifestyle.


The pen is comprised of four pieces; the front, the back, the cap, and the pressurized ink cartridge. The exterior components are rounded and the pen comes in different finishes. You can also select different ink colors and tip sizes as well if you are so inclined. The cap must be taken off in order to write, which extends the length from 3.75” to 5.25” long. This makes is just a little bit shorter than an average pen, but a whole lot more durable.

Projected Costs

Projected Costs | Fisher Bullet Space Pen The Ultimate All Weather Survival Pen

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MSRP for this pen is $25, but you may be able to find it for less if you shop around. The replacement ink cartridges cost $6.50 on the manufacturer’s site.


Observations | Fisher Bullet Space Pen The Ultimate All Weather Survival Pen

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I own several Space Pens, my MB4 has been with me for at least fifteen years now, so I like them a lot. If you live in a hot climate like Arizona, having a pen that won’t explode during the summer heat is a must. Since I hike, camp, and ride a lot, I figured that I would give the Bullet a try. I usually keep them in my backpacks or in my Altoids tin kits as a backup pen.

That’s the rub, the Bullet is really not the best everyday pen in my experience. It’s good to have one in your kit, no doubt about it. However, if you a man with Medium to Large size hands, it is a bit small and difficult to use. For me, the Bullet is more of a novelty than a go-to piece of gear. In that respect, it is a bit disappointing.

On the other hand, like all Space Pens, you never have to worry about it working. I can leave it in my car, in the garage, in my Camelbak, or anywhere else and I know the thing will work when I need it to. The secret is the pressurized ink cartridge that most Space Pens use. When Fisher designed this during the mid-60s, it redefined what a pen could do. So in that respect, the Bullet will remain useful in even the harshest, most extreme conditions. So that’s why I have several despite their (minor) shortcomings.


Pros | Fisher Bullet Space Pen- The Ultimate All Weather Survival Pen

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Solid construction, durable, writes anywhere. Will last a lifetime.


Cap can get lost. Smallish size might be difficult for some to use compared to other pens.

Watch this video by Craig Shipp as he takes a closer look at the Fisher Space Pen:

The Bullet is a great pen to have as a backup, particularly if you are going to use it in extreme conditions. It is reliable and stylish at the same time, plus its small size makes it easy to take along. However, it isn’t the best for everyday writing in my opinion. Fisher makes some better ones for regular use, which I will discuss in the near future.

Overall Rating 7/10

[Review] Fisher Bullet Space Pen- The Ultimate All Weather Survival Pen?

Have you ever owned a Fisher Bullet Space Pen before/want to own one?  Let us know in the comments below!

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