12 Unique Ways Shoe Laces Could Save Your Life



12 Unique Ways Shoelaces Could Save Your Life | Survival Life

Have you ever thought of other uses for shoe laces? I have always tried to come up with unique methods when it comes to survival ideas. That is why I keep surfing the web for new life hacks and other prepping goals.

Shoe Laces: A Very Unlikely Survival Tool

So, instead of purchasing expensive gadgets to increase my chances of survival, I have shifted my focus to using everyday items. One of these items is my shoe laces. Other than keeping my shoe tight and snug, shoe laces can do many wonders I wouldn't normally think about other than using it as a tourniquet or to tie something with. So here's what I found out on the wonders my shoe laces can do for me if ever I get caught in a bind.


1. As A Tourniquet

This is the quickest use for a shoe lace–to stop someone from bleeding from a wound. It can also be applied in case you get bit by a venomous snake to slow down the spreading of the poison throughout the body. Caveat: Since shoe laces are too narrow to stop nearly all bleeding of the arteries, it may cause nerve and tissue damage.


2. Tarp Or Poncho Shelter

You can use your shoe laces as a substitute for rope or a string to hold your tarp or poncho in place should you need to build a quick shelter. Tie the two shoe laces together and tie it between two trees before hanging your poncho or tarp over the laces. Then you can hold the edges in place with wooden spikes.


3. Bow And Drill Fire Starter

Unlace your boots and make your shoe laces as part of the bow that will rotate the drill. Just another day to keep warm or cook your next meal if you lost your firestarter kit, lighter, or matches.

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4. A Lean-To Shelter

When in need of a DIY survival shelter, a lean-to type can be the easiest one to build. Your shoe laces can be used to tie the top pole in between two trees which will hold the rest of the shelter in place. Better yet you can swap your laces with paracord to give you higher chances of survival.


5. Start a Fire

Start a Fire | 12 Unique Ways Shoe Laces Could Save Your Life

By using these Stone Mountain Multifunction Lifelaces made out of 550 lbs paracord with built-in flint rods that comes with steel striking bars, you can start a fire anytime under any condition. You wouldn't worry about forgetting your matches or lighter with you anymore. Plus, since it's made of paracord you can have more than a handful of uses for it.

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6. Keeping A Splint In Place

If you break or dislocate an arm or a leg, it is vital to keep it immobilized through the use of a splint. Pull out your shoe laces to keep a splint in place in case you don't have anything to tie it down with.


7. As A Fishing Line

In a survival situation, finding food is crucial. If you have an option to catch fish, you can use your shoe laces as a fishing line by tying a fishing hook or pop tops of a soda can at the end. Now, all it takes is a bait and a little more patience to catch your next meal.


8. As A Trap

If fishing is not an option, you can make a slip knot on both ends of your shoe lace as part of an animal trap. Place one end on a peg that will be spiked on the ground. You can also tie this down to a small plant. Lay the open end of your slip knot on the ground and cover it with a little foliage or debris. Then place a bit of bait on the noose for good measure. When a small animal pass by, it will get caught in the noose. The harder it tries to break free the tighter the knot will become.


9. As A Rock Sling

Another option is to make a simple rock sling to strike down birds on a tree branch or a rabbit on the move for your next meal. It may take a bit of practice though. Watch the video above on how to make a rock sling using either your shoe lace or paracord.

Check out the perfect cordage for any situation Spider Cord 600lb. Grab 100ft of Spider Cord here.


10. As A Bow String

If you have the time and the skill to make a bow, assuming you have paracord as a shoe lace, you can use it as a bow string. You can still use ordinary shoe laces but, it won't give you the same power of a paracord. This way you can kill game faster instead of waiting compared to a trap.


11. For Climbing Trees

Are you lost? Do you need a better view of your surrounding to know where you are or where you need to go? You can tie the ends of both laces together while still tied to your shoes to create traction should you need to climb a tree. You can unlace it a few notches depending on the width of the tree you will be climbing.


12. For Breaking Free

This is where paracord laces will be put into good use or any ordinary shoe lace for that matter. If you're bound on your wrist with a zip tie, a rope, or duct tape, here are the steps you need to take:

  • Untie your lace
  • Slip the paracord/shoe lace in the center of the zip tie in between your hands
  • Tie both ends together
  • You can either lie on your back or be in a sitting position
  • Make the lace taut before performing the next step
  • Start making a bicycle motion with your legs until it cuts through the zip tie, duct tape or rope

Some shoe laces have the tip of the key for handcuffs installed as aglets. This makes it convenient for breaking free of handcuffs.


Left your keys in your car? Watch this video posted by PKvideos on how he unlocks his car using shoe laces in about 10 seconds:

There are tons of uses for your shoe laces most especially if you swap the ordinary ones with paracord. You can actually search the web for hundreds of paracord projects from DIY stretchers to pulling heavy weights. Your imagination is your limit to what you can do. Am not saying you can't use the normal shoe laces but with paracord as shoe laces, you're sure they survive the elements for any, if not all, survival scenarios.

12 Unique Ways Shoe Laces Could Save Your Life

Do you know other survival uses for shoe laces? If so, please add them in the comments below!

Here's how to tie knots for camping and survival you might want to learn about using your shoe laces!

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