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Will There Be A Second Wave Of Lockdown?



Will There be a Second Wave of Lockdown?

The easy answer to this question is: It’s already here. Due to the surge of coronavirus cases again, there will be a second wave of lockdown. What will this mean for us?

Second Wave of Lockdown and Its Effects

California Governor Gavin Newsome has already shut down bars and restaurants again. He has made decisions that affect comedy clubs and many other types of businesses based on the recent surge in COVID-19 cases. Of course, we are talking about California, but there is a good chance we will see these kinds of actions in other states.

This new rash of cases has people in an uproar. It looks like the virus is spreading to the parts of the nation that it hasn’t run through yet. However, there are still some interesting steps being taken by governors. We are seeing states like Florida issuing 14-day quarantine orders for people who visit from the tristate area. That is unprecedented for them.

Let’s look at several factors to consider in the quest to understand how our states will look in the coming season.

COVID 19 Deaths

As the cases of COVID-19 rise, you will notice that one stat is lagging and it’s the best one. The deaths from COVID-19 are not going up as rapidly as they did during the infection of the massive infection of the northeast. We have made some serious discoveries since then.

The first is that ventilators, while important in some cases, seem to do more harm to patients who have the potential to recover on their own. To be frank, many people are wondering if an over-reliance on ventilators might have caused more deaths.

Of course, this was not made any better by the fact that some hospitals were getting big money to put people on ventilators.

Long story short, we have gotten much better at treating this virus, so the death rate is going even lower.

The Fall Season

The world is not back on yet. If our world were a light switch it wouldn’t be turned OFF, but it most certainly wouldn’t be fully ON. I guess we are DIM at this point. By mid-Fall, it looks like most schools will be back in session and many more people will be back to work. There are whole industries that are still telecommuting.

What happens when large groups of people get back into environments that are pumped full of recirculated air will tell us a lot about another lockdown. Will the cases of COVID-19 spike and what will that mean? By Fall, we could have an even more comprehensive treatment process for all ages and that could lower the death rate of COVID-19 even more.

Your Response and Your Future

Your Response and Your Future | Will There be a Second Wave of Lockdown?

The bigger questions right now have to do with your personal actions. We should not wait for the government to decide what we are going to do with our lives. One of the best examples of this is schooling. Are you going to wait for the government to allow your child to be taught, or are you going to dive in to make sure your child gets the education they need to be successful?

We will be faced with many challenges just like these in the coming months. The actions of a few heads of states cannot dictate how your life is run.

Another big response will be how you get food. There are rising tensions between health officials and farmers. There is the idea that seasonal workers are at a great risk picking the food our nation needs, and time will come that it is compromised. We saw this in the meatpacking plants.

What will your response be to a lockdown on the agricultural system?

Looking to CSAs and growing your own food is a much better idea than simply waiting until things get back up and running again. We need to take our independence much more seriously and break the chains of convenience.

Be Better Prepared This Time Around

There are going to be placed in the nation that suffers from the second wave of lockdown. These will likely be the places with the highest population density. It only makes sense that these areas are going to get a rash of infections. The governors of these areas are also well versed in the lockdown and believe in its benefits.

Another round of lockdown will also mean a round of protests aimed at those who refuse to put their businesses and their families through the nightmare, again! It is hard to argue that point. We have watched countless business owners struggle and even go under from the first round of lockdown. The subsequent riots polished off the rest.

For you, it is important that you visualize what a second lockdown would like and how it could affect your life. Now is the time to take action and assure you are ready for round two. Then if it doesn’t happen you just have future protection for whatever comes next.

How are you going to prepare differently for the second wave of lockdown? We'd love to hear from you in the comments section!

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