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How To Buy Raw Land and Avoid Mistakes



Buying Raw Land and Avoiding Mistakes

Have you ever considered to buy raw land and build your own paradise away from the hustle and bustle? Here's how to go about it the right way.

Buy Raw Land and Be Self-Sufficient

The big cities have seen untold levels of chaos in the last six months. In places like Chicago, Philly and New York, violent crime has spiraled out of control in the last six weeks alone! Murders are up as much as 50% in some of these big cities.

Before the riots and murders, there was the painful ordeal of lockdown and isolation. All of this adds up to a bunch of people coming to their senses and getting the heck out of the big cities. It’s happening and when the data comes in it will be staggering the size of the exodus.

You might be in a city or even a suburb and considering the same move. Perhaps the idea of homesteading and prepping far from the chaos is very alluring. You can feel it in the air. You can feel the fear and action. People are making moves and they are doing it to secure their future.

Finding Good Cheap Land

Finding Good Cheap Land | Buying Raw Land and Avoiding Mistakes

There are all kinds of land out there. Don’t let anyone sell you the idea that land is scarce. In most areas, there are all kinds of places that have tons of land. What most people do is they go to a realtor for land and that is not the best place to look for cheap land.

Every year, people stop paying taxes on raw land. They either cannot make the payments, or they inherit the land that they want nothing to do with. You know, we are going to see even more of this land up for grabs.

When the taxes on a piece of land are not paid, it gets taken by the state, eventually. Then they try and sell that land at auctions for a deep discount or even for just the back taxes! Imagine buying 20 acres of land for a couple of thousand dollars of back taxes!

If you know where you want to live or where you want to buy some land you can simply sign up for these tax deed sales and auctions. Just contact the county treasurer and they can get you the information you need.

This is the best way you can get cheap land.

Avoiding Big Mistakes

Now that you have the method for getting cheap land, you need to understand how to assure that you get the right piece of land for your money. There are all kinds of mistakes that you can make when buying land if you don’t know what you are looking for.

1. No Research

One of the most important things to do when you consider a piece of land is to do the research to understand the area, the land, and the topo situation. Know what you are dealing with. Know the property boundaries and whether they are good or not.

Know what is around you and how that can affect your future. Use Google maps to look at the property and do some research about the county itself.

2. No Easement

Easement | Buying Raw Land and Avoiding Mistakes

An easement is basically a right to use a portion of someone else’s property for access. If you buy a piece of land that is way back in the woods, you might need to run a road to the state route that takes you back to civilization.

If the property doesn’t have an easement, you will find that you are landlocked and cannot get into your land with a vehicle. There are pieces of land that are literally surrounded by the borders of other pieces of owned land.

Read up on the easement of the property.

3. Lack of Tree Cover

Tree cover is important, and trees are valuable. As a prepper you want the concealment of trees and as a land investor you want that timber as it could become unbelievably valuable to see. Maybe you sell a few acres of timber and that is income. Timber is like a bank account that you can choose to tap when you need more preps.

4. Not Level Land

Make sure you have enough level land to build a house, garden, and whatever else you would like to have. Level land is important because if you must build on ground that is not level, then you need to grade that land and it costs money.

The further out you are, the more money it will cost to haul out those machines to level out your land. Keep this in mind. Look for some reasonable flat areas of land so you can grow food and build a home.

5. Not Knowing the Area and Regs

Know the Area and Regs | Buying Raw Land and Avoiding Mistakes

This is part of your research but most importantly look into the government regulations in terms of building, taxes, and what types of things you are allowed to own and do. There are places where you can do almost anything you like on your land and there are counties in this nation, many in the northeast or the west coast, where you can’t do anything without a permit or a handshake from the local government.

Always Do Your Homework

Raw land is an incredible opportunity. Getting away from the built-up cities and fighting the tide of chaos therein is going to be particularly important to some people. Becoming independent and growing food, raising meat, and doing all of these things will give you true power and real liberty.

Buying raw land is but one step in a long and arduous journey to becoming an off-grid homesteader. There is a lot of work that goes into that. Maybe you just want some raw land so you can have a bugout location. That works, too!

Get out there and do some research. You might the perfect piece of land for you and yours.

Have you considered buying raw land before? For what purpose? We'd love to hear from you in the comments section!

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