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Roadside Emergency Kit You Need In Your Vehicle



An emergency can strike anywhere – even when you're driving. A roadside emergency kit is very important and you need to have these items in your vehicle to save you when things get out of hand.

Things You Need To Pack In Your Roadside Emergency Kit

Imagine being stuck in your vehicle in the middle of nowhere with no cellphone reception, what can you possibly do? Having a full list of survival and emergency kit for your vehicle is very important to help you in all sorts of situation. Instead of having just food and water for yourself, you will definitely need items to help your vehicle get back on the road. Check out my list of items you definitely need for your roadside emergency kit.


1. Extra Clothing and Shoes

It's important to keep yourselves dry all the time. Extra clothing and a pair of shoes will keep you warm and dry. Keep a small bag of clothes in your trunk. You'll never know when you will use it.

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2. Seatbelt Cutter

Seat belts oftentimes get stuck when you find yourself in an accident. Having this within reach can certainly be a lifesaver by cutting yourself free when you need to get out of the vehicle as quickly as possible.

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3. Warning Light

Warning Light | Roadside Emergency Kit You Need In Your Vehicle

You can be stranded on a highway or just need to shelter in your car due to little or no visibility. Oncoming traffic can pose a serious hazard if they are unable to see you immediately. Warning lights can become lifesavers. Include road flares for better visibility. This will also be a good way to signal search and rescue teams. You can also have DIY mason jar solar lights that might add more light if you want to.

4. Windshield Washer Fluid

Antifreeze ones will help you increase visibility during cold weather. Road accidents are likely during blizzards and snowy months.

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5. Fire Extinguisher

Fire Extinguisher | Roadside Emergency Kit You Need In Your Vehicle

Vehicles often catch fire due to short circuits or gas leaks. Having a fire extinguisher within reach can give you peace of mind when you travel. Especially in extreme weather conditions.

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6. GPS Device

In case you need to leave your car and search for safer places, these little techs can lead the way for you. Roadmaps might also come in handy.

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7. Tow Rope

Tow Rope | Roadside Emergency Kit You Need In Your Vehicle

There's so much room in your trunk. You'll never know when you need this to pull you out when in a pinch. Whether your tires get stuck in a mud pile or when your vehicle gives up on you, this could really come handy.

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8. Jumper Cables

Think about it, what if your battery needs a jump start and you're out on the open road or in the woodland camping…just wave on a passing car and these cables will do the trick. It will look like eye candy to you for sure.

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Watch this video by JerryRigEverything on coming up with his 72-hour kit:

Remember to prepare a roadside emergency kit for each member of your family. It is highly recommended that you have one ready inside your vehicle. You'll never know when disaster might strike and being ready for any kind of emergency is very important to learn.

Roadside Emergency Kit You Need In Your Vehicle

Do you have this roadside emergency kit in your car? Answer by leaving a comment below!

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