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Emergency Survival Kit From Everyday Household Items



Emergency Survival Kit

You should start working on a checklist for an emergency survival kit for you and your family in case of a disaster or emergency. The reason for this is, it may take some time for rescuers to reach you. So it's best to be ready.

Emergency Survival Kit Checklist Of Items In Your Home

It may sound a bit time-consuming and tedious but it’s actually the opposite. I assure you, when the time comes, it will all be worth the effort. Keep on reading and I can show you a checklist on how to build a basic emergency survival kit. Once learned, you can then modify it according to you and your family’s needs. Even for your pets. So let’s start with the basic kit, shall we?

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1. Water

Emergency Survival Kit

Stock up 3 gallons of water per person. A basic kit would contain two liters of water per person per day. An additional 2 liters of water per person for cooking and cleaning. For sanitation purposes, you need an additional 2 gallons each per person.

2. Household Chlorine Bleach

Emergency Survival Kit

This is for purifying water to make it potable. Stocking up on water purifying tablets is also another long-term viable option.

3. Food

Emergency Survival Kit

It should contain ready-to-eat meals (MRE), beef-jerkies, energy boosting foods such as power and granola bars, and other packed or canned non-perishable food.

4. Shelter

Emergency Survival Kit

Tents or a bug out location might be a good thing to prepare for in case you need to evacuate in haste. you can also learn to make a temporary shelter out of natural materials made available in your surroundings.

5. First Aid Kit

Emergency Survival Kit

It should contain an assortment of bandages, gauze pads, ointments, sanitizer, burn gel, hot/cold packs, tweezers, and scissors.

6. Sleeping Bags

Emergency Survival Kit

Include wool blankets, pillows, and the little ones’ favorite stuffed toy or toys to keep them calm and relaxed. You can either wrap them in watertight plastic bags or put them in waterproof containers.

7. A Flashlight

Emergency Survival Kit

Battery or hand-cranked flashlights are useful items during an emergency. Add extra batteries, preferably lithium or alkaline, so it lasts longer.

8. Candles

Emergency Survival Kit

Candles are always a reliable type of light source for decades. Don't forget to include waterproof matches & light sticks.

9. Camp Stove

Emergency Survival Kit

When a disaster happens and gas lines are broken this little stove will do a lot of wonders for you. Just make sure you store the fuel in an accessible and safe place.

10. Cooking Pot

Emergency Survival Kit

Cooking pots can be used to warm up your food or cook simple tasty meals. Don’t forget the utensils and a manual can opener to open canned goods.

11. Dust or Filter Masks

Emergency Survival Kit

N95 grade is advised for preventing inhalation of airborne particles. This can be readily purchased in a hardware store.

12. Whistle

Emergency Survival Kit

This will be used as an emergency signal and should be ready to hang around your neck. If you find yourself underneath a rubble it can be used to attract the attention of search and rescue units.

13. Tools

Emergency Survival Kit

Wrench or pliers fit to turn off respective utilities in your home. A small shovel, scraper, hammer, screwdrivers, pocket knife and snowbrush can also come in handy.

14. Working Gloves

Emergency Survival Kit

Statistics show that most injuries occur after a disaster due to the handling of debris. This will prevent you from injuries and infections due to splinters or wounds.

15. Plastic Sheeting

Duct tape goes with this kit as it will be used for “sealing the room” if you need to shelter in place. it can also be used for various types of hacks like making a pair of shoes, a hunting weapon, and even a boat! Given you have enough duct tape for it.

16. Medications

Emergency Survival Kit

Include non-prescription medicines like pain relievers, stomach remedies, and more. You should also throw in at least 3 days worth of specific prescription medicines given by your doctor.

17. Personal Hygiene Items

Emergency Survival Kit

Studies show that toilet paper, napkins, etc. are items that are often overlooked. When disaster strikes these seemingly not-so-important items become invaluable when you don't have them.

18. Garbage Bags

Emergency Survival Kit

Include plastic ties for personal sanitation. These are probably hanging around your garage or maybe under your kitchen sink. This item can save you.

19. Cash

Emergency Survival Kit

ATM and credit cards might also come in handy. You’ll never know when you need it. Keep them in small denominations and in coins for immediate needs like hiring a cab or using the payphone if cellphone networks are down.

20. Documents

Emergency Survival Kit

Passport, medical history for every family member, current medications and dosages. Include a copy of your emergency plan and contact information and maps.

21. Extra Keys

Emergency Survival Kit

In the event you are unable to secure or lose your usual keys to your car and house, the extra ones kept in an accessible location will save you a lot of time and effort.

22. Only If Applicable Items

Emergency Survival Kit

Equipment for people with disabilities, infant formula, food, water and medication for your pets or service animal can be included. You can either stow them away in a safe and easy to reach location or leave one available in your vehicle.

23. Other Supplies

Emergency Survival Kit

Note pads, pens, pencils, markers, paper plates, napkins, paper towels, hand sanitizer, etc. are some items that will become essential during a disaster.


Watch this video by Motorcycle Prepper on coming up with his emergency survival kit from household items:

Remember to prepare a 72-hour survival kit for each member of your family. It is highly recommended that you have one ready at places you frequent like your office, gym, etc. Having one ready in your vehicle is also advised. When disaster strikes anytime and anywhere you are you know you are at ready for three days until rescue arrives.

Emergency Survival Kit From Everyday Household Items

Do you have your own list of emergency survival kit? Let us know in the comments below!

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