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Procrastination: The Prepper’s Enemy



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As preppers, we can sometimes get a little too confident in our skills. We think that we are above making the same mistakes and pitfalls that are common in the everyday lives of others. But we all have our weaknesses, and for me, it's procrastination.

Let's face it, prepping is hard work. Even if I know what needs to be done, doing it is another thing altogether. Why do today what can be put off until tomorrow?

But as a prepper, I know that “tomorrow” as I'm thinking of it might never come. A prepper has to always consider himself on the brink of disaster and prepare accordingly. If you truly expect the unexpected, then you know that putting things off is out of the question. You have to be ready at all times.

Procrastination: The Prepper's Enemy

To make it easier to understand the difference between a prepper and a procrastinator, use a timeline. The former lives in the the future and the latter lives in the past; it's that simple.

True preppers do their best every day to get ready for the worst situation imaginable, while procrastinators think, “Oh, I will just deal with it later.” We might poke fun at our friends, family or even ourselves for a bad procrastination habit, but the truth is that when it comes to survival, procrastinators are headed for certain defeat and failure. Preppers on the other hand, boost their chances of survival simply because they are ready for the worst.

Here are some tips to help you avoid the temptation to procrastinate. Take a look at the full article.

Learning to Overcome Prepper Procrastination

Procrastination is a trait that we all share.  For some, procrastination means putting off tasks or chores that are tedious, time-consuming, or simply downright boring.  To others, it means never quite getting to the task list because there are other, more entertaining distractions to fill up the time.

Whatever the reason, procrastination is problem with a lot of preppers: the research is done, the budget is set, the checklists are printed out and ready to go and then what?  Nothing.

Today I examine those insidious roadblocks to getting things done as well as steps that I personally take to overcome what I call “Prepper Procrastination”.  And for me this is timely since whether you want to believe it or not, I still have a large list of items I have been meaning to take care of,  prepping-wise, and just never quite make time.

Let me start out by defining some of the excuses that prevent us from reaching our preparedness goals.

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses

Ask ten different people why they have not accomplished their preparedness goals and chances are that one of the following excuses will apply:

I don’t know how to get started

It will take too much time

People with think I am crazy (or strange, weird or nuts)

I don’t feel like it (or want to)

I can’t afford it

Why bother?  If it is the end of the world, it will not matter

I am not sure it is necessary

One common denominator to each excuse other than “I can’t afford it”,  is that the excuse is not a well-thought out, reasonable objection.  Instead, it is an emotional response designed to delay doing something that may be unpleasant or fearful.

Overcoming the Excuses and Getting Stuff Done

The question at hand is how does a person move from this place of ineffective procrastination?

I would like to suggest that you pick a single task from your list and make one small baby-step toward getting that task started if not completely done.  An effective way to do that is something I learned years ago in the business world:  come to terms with the objection and face it head on.

via Overcome Prepper Procrastination – Backdoor Survival.

The prepper's state of mind is far different from that of the non-prepper. (At least…it should be.) It's a simple case of action versus inaction.

This is not to say that the procrastinator is suffering from complete, clinical laziness. It's usually just that they lack belief in themselves and their capabilities. They think they would not do well or that they perform better under pressure. Sometimes they simply think they cannot succeed.

Many solutions can be found to counter the bad habit but there must be a willingness in the procrastinator to change his ways. If you want to be a prepper, just get started. Make preparations now; it might be too late to do so tomorrow. Get involved in the movement. Join a preparedness group. The positivity, eagerness and vigor in others will definitely affect you in a positive way.

Do not wait until tomorrow, start prepping!

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  1. Allen

    January 24, 2015 at 12:04 PM

    I’m a serious procrastinator. Not because I don’t want to do things, I just have so many things that need done that it becomes overwhelming. The suggestion to pick a single task and do it is what I have used for years.

    I have checklist apps on my smartphone in which I put everything that I need to do. I add things whenever I think of them. I can sort by priority and due date if I want to, but that isn’t the biggest help. When I have free time, I just scan the list, find something that seems do-able in the free time I have at the moment. I concentrate on completing that and get great satisfaction in checking that off and watching it disappear into the archive list.

    You can try doing the same thing with paper lists. I used to try to do that, but ended up with more work to do – keeping all my paper lists organized!

  2. duggy dugg

    February 1, 2015 at 8:08 PM

    a.thank god you used action instead of some version of “pro-active”
    b. i use alpha for the job on which i definitely will concentrate in any given day .. usually decided upon the night before so i know my action when i wake up .. sure you shower and breakfast first but the absolute decided upon plan is the alpha .. alpha can be just a portion of the goal like getting the 4×4’s for the shed but you won’t quit until the alpha is done.. then you can do delts or zeds or foolies
    c. deltas are less calendar specific jobs .. can be done before or after an alpha ..can be a fill in or done when in the vicinity of the area in which the delta needs to be performed ..
    d. zeds are just go do itz.. any get up and get out action .. even if it is a foolie not related to the alpha or a delta .. a zed can just be to get your physical and mental engine started ..only for us lesser mortals who don’t have a firecracker starter like my wife had

  3. duggy dugg

    February 1, 2015 at 8:11 PM

    alpha can be a holiday get together ..i can forget them.if i don’t ..i keep my alpha etc list on the smart phone ..easy to erase tasks as they get done …

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