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Preppers Guide for 2022 | 10 Things to Do To Prepare



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With the growing negative happenings over the past years like political divide, COVID, inflation, etc., it is best to be prepared for the worst and have all the supplies ready in a case when SHTF. Here is a preppers guide for 2022.

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Preppers Guide | 10 Things Preppers Should Do in 2022

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Preppers Guide For Food and Water

1. Stock up on Food

jars-home-canned-food-on-picnic preppers guide

2020 taught us that preparing is a very possible situation and could happen anytime with the world having no knowledge of what to do for a while.

The most important thing that people hoarded was the supply for sustenance. It is one of the most important things you'll need when sudden lockdowns or something similar happens again.

Stock up on food that can last long is important to note. Canned food and instant meals are good to have. They can help prepare meals easier and can be packed with lots of energy.

2. Don't Forget About Water

blue-plastic-water-liquids-barrel-storage preppers guide

Just as much as food is concerned, water and hydration are equally important so we divided water into different categories.

People can survive on water alone for a few days, and having a supply good for a few days can help a lot with survival. But people will need at least 1 gallon of water a day for survival.

Plus, don't forget about your pets — you might need more.

3. Prepare Plastic Water Containers

blue-plastic-water-liquids-barrel-storage preppers guide

As mentioned above, we're going to divide the water supply into different categories and the second one we would love to tackle is water containers.

Since hydration is important, having clean and long-lasting water containers can provide more fuel for your body.

Plastic water containers keep your water safe and away from contamination. If space is an issue, most plastic containers can be stacked up and can carry as much as 3-5 gallons or a drum.

Just make sure you store them in a cool and dark place.

4. Have a Proper Water Filtering System

water-drink-poured-into-glass preppers guide

If all your stored potable water is gone, finding a source of running water is vital.

Although most external water sources may not be drinkable, learning how to filter or having tools to filter water can give you an unlimited supply.

There are other ways to purify water. One of which is boiling them to remove unwanted bacteria. Another is using bleach to clean out the water.

Preppers Guide For Your Body

5. Regulate Your Body Temperature

woman-warms-hands-over-heater-concept preppers guide

Always keep your body warm during cold days and make sure your body breathes during hot days.

During the summer season, always wear comfortable clothes to cool your body to the right temperature.

It gets complicated for the winter months since you have to keep your body warm most of the time. And keeping warm requires a lot of warm clothes.

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6. Extra Clothes

boy-wearing-jacket-hat-style-fashion preppers guide

During winter, wearing extra clothes can help you warm your body. Wearing long johns, warm jackets, gloves, and overalls can go a long way.

7. Footwear and Headgear

winter-exercise-fitness-lifestyle-athlete-walking preppers guide

Whether you're preparing for the cold or hot months, consider having the appropriate footwear and headgear for every situation.

For the cold days, a warm wool hat can keep your head warm and a hat to protect your face and head on piercing hot days from the sun.

8. Facemasks

blonde-young-girl-facemask-blurry-background preppers guide

Just like in today's world where facemasks are advised, wearing one in times of fallout or another virus outbreak can protect yourself from unknown entities that are airborne.

Preppers Guide For Shelter

9. Communications and Self Defense

amateur-radio-station-closeup-transciever preppers guide

You'll never know what would happen if SHTF. The world may crumble and you could be the only person left in your area or everything comes crashing down on you.

You just have to remember to always be prepared and HAM radios and self-defense weapons and techniques can spell the difference between life and death.

10. Shelter

primitive-bushcraft-survival-debris-hut-campfire preppers guide

Whether you're taking shelter from your own home or being out in the open, having a roof above your head and walls to keep you safe should be enough for personal space.

As a prepper, you should know how to build a shelter in case you're in the woods.

Bonus: First Aid Kit

This one we didn't include in the top 10 since first aid kits should be on a prepper at all times. Any emergency can happen and having the right materials to relieve yourself from bruises or sickness is worth having.

Watch this video from City Prepping for more ideas and their own preppers guide for 2022:

Following this preppers guide can help you be prepared for fallout and survive on your own in case of SHTF.

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Do you have other things to add to this preppers guide for 2022? Let us know in the comment section below.

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