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7 Off Grid Post Collapse Jobs For Income



Off Grid Post Collapse Jobs for Income

When an economic collapse happens, where will you find yourself? Check out these post collapse jobs you can rely on for income!

Post Collapse Jobs You Can Try

Two Mondays ago, T Mobile’s network was severely compromised. The massive phone company blamed it on a “cut wire” and kept the money machine moving. A slew of people was affected, websites shuddered, and apps stopped working.

We exist because of an online economy. Even the most rural person in America buys feed for their animals from a store that likely places orders electronically. The food is delivered using GPS technology and unloaded off vehicles using forklifts.

We are all part of the system!

If your cushy desk job goes away or even your warehouse job goes away, how are you going to make a living? Just a few months ago Americans were forced out of work by their government.

It seems like we could be headed for another “vacation” in the fall. How does that work out for your wallet? Now is the time to start considering your off-grid career and how you make money when traditional means are no more!

1. Grow Food

Grow Food | Off Grid Post Collapse Jobs for Income

Whether we are talking about growing food like produce and fruit or if we are raising meat birds or even chicken eggs. People are going to need food in a grid down situation.

Many people think that they are going to put some seeds in the dirt and have a garden when times get tough. I have had more gardens fail than I have had success and I try every year!

If you can grow food, you will sell food and you will make money. Save those seeds this year. They could be business capital in the near future!

2. Process Wood

Winter comes. It comes whether we have heaters or not. People will need firewood to cook with and to heat themselves. There is no escaping this reality. If you are in the northern regions of the nation, you will be an especially important person.

Invest in backup tools and maintenance items to assure your new SHTF business stays up and running.

3. Cleaning

Cleaning | Off Grid Post Collapse Jobs for Income

This might sound silly, but cleaning is cleaning, and it must be done. If you are willing to do it people will pay you. Invest in cleaning chemicals and pest control devices.

Once the pests show up to a dirty home, it will be near impossible to get rid of them in a collapse.

4. Medicinal Herbalist

If the doctors and nurses are gone, then you need someone who can treat pain and infection. A medicinal herbalist who has fresh herbs and essential oils will be able to treat all sorts of things.

Maybe invest in some fish antibiotics, too! If you have the right books, you will know just how much of what ingredients to use. Start practicing now.

5. Wood Working

Wood Working | Off Grid Post Collapse Jobs for Income

Whether you are fixing things, or you are building new things, people will still find value in someone who can work wood. This is a serious skill that requires serious training.

While that can be taxing, it will make you unbelievably valuable when the time comes. When Amazon and Walmart are all gone, you will be able to get almost anything in return for your ability to build and repair.

6. Blacksmithing

Another labor-intensive skill to learn, blacksmithing is arguably a valuable skill. With a book and a few good tools, you can do moderate woodworking and learn on your own.

However, when it comes to manipulating metal, it is dangerous and requires a forge. Being able to repair metal parts and to create things like axe heads and knives will put you in position to be one of the most important people in your community.

Blacksmiths were incredibly important and influential in the communities of old. It would just be a return to that.

7. Security

Security | Off Grid Post Collapse Jobs for Income

In recent days it has become very apparent why security would be one of the most lucrative jobs you could have. If you have a team of men who can pull security detail during the day or night, you have a great career in SHTF.

Make sure you have men you can trust with firearms training. It will undoubtedly be a risky undertaking in SHTF, but it could be one of the best ways to put food on the table.

Consider a SHTF Career

I would hope that none of these careers is too far out of your purview. Hopefully, you have some tools that could help you start woodworking, maybe you have some skills at raising livestock, a few good books on herbal remedies and I hope you have your own personal security plans and weapons.

In reality, you are already training for many of these careers. Now, it might be time to just hone in on one career and really push the pace.

If you sit behind a desk right now just understand that that income will go away, and no one will be hiring for those kinds of jobs. It might be time to consider your SHTF career.

Which of these post collapse jobs are you most interested in? Tell us why in the comments section!

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